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Advanced Subscription

Meet customers’ supply chain requirements for industry-compliant GS1 bar codes. Once you join GS1 Canada, you receive a Company Prefix Licence to help you create bar codes for only $900.

Your Company Prefix Licence is a globally-unique number that accurately identifies your company. Use it to create the numbers that go inside the GS1 bar codes on your products.

GS1 Canada is Canada’s only authorized source for GS1 bar codes. GS1 bar codes comply with global standards, helping you sell your products in Canada and around the world.

As the basis for successful trade relationships, your Company Prefix Licence needs to be renewed each year.

If your organization’s total annual gross sales revenue in Canadian dollars is under $5 million, you qualify for Advanced Subscription. Your subscription benefits include:

  • A Company Prefix Licence (to be renewed annually)
  • Access to ECCnet Registry and ECCnet I&V services
  • Flexible ECCnet ProSYNC® product data loading software that allows you to load over 5,000 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) into ECCnet Registry (subject to annual software fees).
  • Access to My GS1, GS1 Canada’s subscribers-only website, for up-to-date industry news and tools that enable supply efficiencies.

SME Subsidy

GS1 Canada offers subsidies to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that earn less than $5 million in annual sales revenue and pay their invoice within 65 days of the invoice date.

Why choose GS1 Canada?

Major customers require that you obtain a certificate confirming that you have a valid Company Prefix Licence from GS1 Canada.

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* Annual Renewal

Active subscribers (vendors, distributors or retailers) that purchased a Company Prefix Licence after March 31, 1997 must renew it on an annual basis. Active subscribers that purchased a Company Prefix Licence prior to 1997 own it in perpetuity and only need to register their Company Prefix Licences annually to gain access to subscription benefits.