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The shift towards sustainability is an economic movement as much as an environmental one and it is changing today’s economic landscape.

As organizations worldwide continue to look for ways to cut costs and improve business efficiencies, more and more companies are looking to minimize costs through environmentally conscious operations – boosting profits and improving efficiencies all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Canadian industry sits at the forefront of environmental stewardship and has recently signaled the need for global standards around packaging sustainability that any organization can follow.

GS1 Canada Packaging Sustainability Initiative

In keeping with its community management role, GS1 Canada was approached by such leading associations as the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors (CCGD), Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) to facilitate industry discussion and assist industry in developing a set of common standards for packaging sustainability.

To this end, the GS1 Canada Packaging Sustainability Working Group was established with the goal of determining the business requirements for Canadian industry and prioritizing implementation of the standardized GPP metrics. This will enable trading partners to share product level sustainability information, better informing and servicing consumers.

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For more information on the GS1 Canada Packaging Sustainability Working Group, contact Janet Chin, Director, Product Development, GS1 Canada at

GS1 Global Packaging Project

The GS1 Global Packaging Project, an international, cross-industry group comprised of the Consumer Goods Forum participants and the packaging industry, has developed a common set of packaging sustainability metrics. The project incorporates a number of initiatives already underway – most notably by Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Europe, EUROPEN, the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

The GS1 Canada Packaging Sustainability Working Group is aligning its efforts to the GS1 Global Packaging Project to ensure the packaging sustainability index developed adheres to global standards.