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Foodservice Images

The Foodservice Images service offered by GS1 Canada Images is tailored to meet the requirements of the foodservice industry.

A single, three-dimensional, high-resolution image is taken for each packaging level in the product hierarchy. Individual images are arranged into a montage for use in product information cards (PIC), an essential tool of trade in the foodservice sector. The individual images can be used in electronic product catalogues or commercial portals.


Inner packaging

Case level


Learn more about GS1 Canada Images

GS1 Canada Imaging Service

Subscribers can submit their products for image capture to our GS1 Canada Images location in Montreal, or they can opt to submit their own images for evaluation against the industry approved standards.

Submitting products for image capture

  1. You must be a subscriber of GS1 Canada to have access to the service. If you are not a subscriber, learn more about a GS1 Canada subscription.
  2. Submit samples of your products to GS1 Canada Images studios in Montreal.
  3. The shipping case must be submitted, as all packaging levels will be photographed.
  4. Each case must have a valid and readable bar code.
  5. Ensure to always include a Product Submission Form in your shipment for services identification.

Large quantities to be imaged

If you have a large quantity (50 cases or more) of products to process, please contact us ahead of shipping in order to schedule reception and ensure production and storage capacity. Please send an email to

Image Evaluation Service

Your own images can be submitted to GS1 Canada Images for evaluation. GS1 Canada Images will evaluate the images on the basis of the standards applied and those detailed in the Foodservice Industry Technical Guidelines for Product Information Card images.

Always include a Foodservice Images Submission Form in your shipment for services identification. We will not proceed with any services without this form.

Foodservice Image e-Submission Guide

Benefits of GS1 Canada services

GS1 Canada subscribers that use the GS1 Canada services have access to qualified and experienced professionals who create high quality images.

Benefits include:

  • consistent processes and output due to image and measurement standards
  • low supply chain costs due to our one-to-many distribution process
  • simplicity due to our one-stop-shop concept for product images for your planogramming, marketing and foodservice requirements
  • minimal fees due to our cost-recovery model and savings for service bundles

For general information on our imaging services, contact GS1 Canada Images at 1.800.567.7084 or