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Planogram Images Service

GS1 Canada subscribers have access to the Planogram Images service of GS1 Canada Images. The images and data available are compatible with all planogramming software solutions.

The Planogram Images service was developed as a result of recommendations from GS1 Canada's e-Commerce Committee's Planogram Work Group and is part of the Product Image Specifications developed by GS1 Global Office. This voluntary guideline was originally developed by the Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Solutions Association (VICS) to ensure the consistent use of digital images among trading partners worldwide. The Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) is the pre-eminent, user-driven collaborative forum in which GS1 global standards are built and maintained.

Standard file format: 72 dpi, TARGA, no compression.

Backgrounds and Cropping
Images appear with a transparent background. Images for contour and non-contour products are cropped to the products' edge. No props or additional products are allowed within the primary image areas.

All products are photographed straight-on from the front, left, right and top (and from the back & bottom, when marketable).

File Name Conventions
GS1 Canada Images uses specific file naming conventions to manage and maintain the image library. The format consists of the product GTIN followed by a period and the view indicator. This standard is read by planogramming software applications.  Valid values are:

Having accurate product dimension measurements is the most important part of creating an effective planogram. Measurements follow GS1 Canada's Product Measuring Guidelines, which comply with GS1's Product Measurement Rules for Data Alignment. The data fields that GS1 Canada Images supplies include:

  • GTIN
  • Manufacturer
  • Brand
  • Product description
  • Consumer unit size (product packaging typically sold to end users in retail stores)
  • In-Package height
  • Consumer In-Package width
  • Consumer In-Package depth
  • Peg hole(s) X (horizontal) dimension from left
  • Peg hole(s) Y (vertical) dimension from top
  • Number of peg holes for consumer In-Package items
  • Nesting height for consumer items.

Benefits of Our Services
GS1 Canada subscribers that use Image services receive access to an image database of over 86,000 active grocery retail products. Benefits include: multiple views for 3D planogram requirements; consistent processes and output due to image and measurement standards; low supply chain costs due to our one-to-many distribution process; simplicity due to our one-stop-shop concept for product images for your planogramming, marketing and Foodservice requirements; and minimal fees due to our cost-recovery model and savings for service bundles.

How to Take Advantage of Our Service
Submit an up-to-date sample of each of your products to GS1 Canada Images' studio in Montreal. Since your products need to be measured and weighed, the final product must be submitted for accurate data capture. If you need to register your product at the "mock-up" stage, you will have three months to submit a final product for a free product registration completion update. Sending two samples of each product is preferred. If you wish to take advantage of the Marketing Images service at the same time, send a "flat" along with the actual product when a bag or cardboard box. Always include a Product Submission Form in your shipment for services identification.
For more information, contact GS1 Canada at 1.800.567.7084 or

GS1 Canada has closed its Calgary office. All items will now be processed at the GS1 Canada Images office in Montreal. GS1 Canada will work with impacted vendors individually, to ensure a seamless transition without any service disruption.