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Product Submission

There are three major ways GS1 Canada can work with you to capture your product images and data.

1. Physical Submission

The easiest way to get high-quality images and data captured from your products is to send in a sample of each to the GS1 Canada Images studio in Montreal.

Submitting product samples follows an easy three-step process.

Step 1: Become a GS1 Canada subscriber.

Step 2: Complete the mail-in Product Submission Form.

Step 3: Collect and send your up-to-date product sample(s) to the GS1 Canada Images studio in Montreal, along with a completed copy of the Product Submission Form, to:

GS1 Canada Images
9200 boul. du Golf
Montreal, QC, H1J 3A1

2. E-Submission

If you already have digitized images of your products and want to use them with GS1 Canada Images services, you may be able to send them directly to GS1 Canada using a technique known as e-Submission.

Any product images being submitted through e-Submission must meet the e-Submission guidelines and include views of all sides of the packaging covered by those guidelines.

Participants in the ECCnet Phase 2 – eCommerce initiative may also be able to submit their on-pack product data through a special e-Submission process known as machine-to-machine.

E-Submissions cost the same as the physical submissions due to the incremental work involved in verifying that submitted photographs and data meet the established guidelines.

Please contact your account manager to review pricing and requirements or email

3. On-site Photography

Where a large number of products need to be photographed, GS1 Canada can arrange to capture your products on-site at one of your warehouse or storage locations.

Talk to your account manager or email to see to discuss options for on-site photography.