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As a neutral, not-for-profit, user-driven organization, we work with industry to identify the needs of Canadian businesses. Driven and governed by our users, we develop services that serve industry as a whole – from manufacturers to retailers to distributors across all industry sectors and of all sizes.

Our Services

ECCnet Phase 2 - eCommerce

ECCnet Phase 2 – eCommerce is an initiative driven by GS1 Canada’s Board of Governors and Grocery Board and supported by industry, major retailers and industry associations in the Canadian grocery sector. It is based on supporting consumer behaviour around shopping, researching and buying online.

GS1 Canada GDSN

GS1 Canada GDSN enables you to electronically share product data with your trading partners anywhere in the world. Our data pool ensures that you and your trading partners always have the same product information in your systems, and that your data is synchronized.

ECCnet Registry

GS1 Canada's ECCnet Registry is Canada's national product registry, which is the most comprehensive registry of continually validated and perpetually–cleansed product data of its kind in Canada. ECCnet Registry is a single point of access between trading partners for electronically sharing accurate product data based on global standards.

GS1 Canada Images

Product images are essential in meeting your trading partner needs and helping you stay competitive in the marketplace. GS1 Canada Images offers professional product images for all of your business management needs.

Validated Services

Other Services

Product Recall

Product Recall is a web-based communication service that drives the speed, accuracy and traceability of product recalls, resulting in improved efficiency, consumer and patient safety. This user-friendly, global standards-based recall communication service is the only one of its kind in Canada, built by industry for industry.

ECCnet Item Centre

Item Centre is a community-based, industry web portal hosted by GS1 Canada. Enabling vendor and retailer collaboration, Item Centre allows users to list product data (community, private and proprietary) and process it in a single, workflow-based solution – removing all paper from the listing process.

ECCnet Item Certification

An online, centralized industry solution for sharing brand-validated, perpetually-cleansed, item level product information and images with trading partners.

ECCnet Locations

ECCnet Locations is a central, online, searchable database of accurate location information – including Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and GLN-related details, to support trading partner transactions and ensure that products arrive when and where they are supposed to.