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Reduce Recall-Associated Risk Now by Using GS1 Canada’s Product Recall Communication Service!

Drive the speed, accuracy and traceability of your product recalls with GS1 Canada’s Product Recall communication service. Being “Recall Ready” also enables you to execute product recalls faster and reduce risk to consumers.

Built by risk management industry experts, this recall notification service leverages global standards. These standards enable visibility and traceability of a product, which are critical during a recall. Through Product Recall’s secure, one-to-many process, manufacturers only need to complete a recall notice once to inform multiple trading partners.

This enables real-time recall communication to be sent to all affected partners simultaneously. Doing so results in potentially harmful products being removed from the supply chain faster.

Product Recall is currently available to the food and beverage, general merchandise and healthcare sectors.

Over the past 20 years, Health Canada has reported more than

20,000 product recalls or product advisories.


How Product Recall Saves Time and Money

A GS1 Canada study of Recall Ready subscribers found that Product Recall, when compared to traditional recall systems:

  • Reduced the time to create a recall notice by 83 per cent
  • Reduced the cost to distribute a recall notice alone by $6,000-$8,000
  • Reduced the time it takes to distribute the notification by 80 per cent
  • Optimized communication effectiveness by 90 per cent

Avoid the Potential Costs from a Recall Crisis

By not being prepared for a recall, your organization may become exposed to several costly consequences such as:

Potential Direct Costs from
Unprepared Product Recall:
Potential Indirect Costs from
Unprepared Product Recall:
Communicating to the public Loss of potential future revenues
Arranging reverse logistics and preparing collections points Decrease in share price
Reimbursement costs Loss of business to competitors and reduced market share
Refurbishment or disposal costs Negative brand association, and effect on company’s other unaffected products
Litigation costs

Get Recall Ready!

If you’re not Recall Ready – you’re not ready.

Subscribing to GS1 Canada’s Product Recall service is only the first step. You also have to know how to use it. You have to be Recall Ready.

Manufacturers can become Recall Ready in three easy steps:

  • Step
    Register two or more users in your organization: an initiator, who opens new recall notifications and an approver, who reviews all notifications for accuracy.
  • Step
    Become a recall expert: Visit our Learning Zone and test your Product Recall knowledge. Score 90 per cent or more on our online assessment to receive your Certificate of Product Recall Course Completion. Didn’t do so well? Engage with our practical training modules until you have the knowledge you need.
  • Step
    Complete one Mock Recall per year: Mock Recall simulates a real-life product recall step-by-step. You can use GS1 Canada as the recipient of Mock Recalls. Mock recalls must be completed annually, as required by Hazard Control and Analysis Control Point (HACCP) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Maintaining Recall Ready status is a mandatory annual process for Product Recall subscribers.

Incident Reporting Service

Product Recall subscribers can also benefit from the value-added Incident Reporting feature. This feature is designed to comply with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and to send through incident reports to Health Canada. You can also share Incident Reports with your trading partners.

Click here to find out more on Incident Reporting.