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GS1 Canada's Product Recall and Withdrawal service enables suppliers, distributors, operators, and retailers to exchange recall, product withdrawal and incident information with one another simultaneously and immediately so you can protect customers, minimize recall costs and preserve confidence in your brand.

NEW! GS1 Canada Product Recall subscribers are now able to take advantage of Product Recall’s newest value-added feature: Mock Recall, a simulated exercise environment to help companies build the response capabilities needed to execute recalls with expediency and accuracy. Simply log in to MyGS1 to get started!

Get "Recall Ready" with GS1 Canada

GS1 Canada Product Recall and Withdrawal service facilitates the sharing of critical product information, documentation and identifiers, real time reports regarding receipt of information, direct submission of incident reports to government, and reports to support internal process improvements. Not only do our members benefit from a service that helps to alleviate the administrative burden of product safety and legislative requirements, they also feel confident that they are effectively managing risk and are ready to respond swiftly when an issue arises.

Incident Reporting

GS1 Canada Product Recall supports Incident Reporting. This feature enables the direct submission of all Incident Reports to Health Canada and trading partners, as required by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Built by industry for industry, this service is designed to complement – not replace – recall processes currently being used by trading partners.

Effectiveness reports

For product safety documentation

Recall updates
Based on previously issued notifications

To support internal process efficiencies

Mock Recall & Mock Incident Reporting


Central source
Through which to share product recall, withdrawal
and incident notifications with trading partners

Single notification form
Used by all trading partners, minimizing
proprietary requirements

One-to-Many distribution process
Reach multiple trading partners at once

Created using GS1 Identification Keys to ensure accuracy

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Recall Training

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