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Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting is a value-added feature of the GS1 Canada Product Recall service. It enables the direct submission of all Incident Reports to Health Canada, as required by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Incident reporting also enables you to share Incident Reports with your trading partners.

In the event of a potential health or safety incident, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act outlines the responsibilities of organizations that manufacture, import or sell products in Canada. This Act, which came into force in 2011, requires organizations to notify Health Canada within 2 days of becoming aware of a product safety incident and to provide a report with specific information within 10 days. Failure to comply with a provision of this Act can result in significant monetary fines (up to $5,000,000) and/or imprisonment (up to 5 years).

Incident Reports enable Health Canada to identify potential dangers posed by consumer products, address hazards and help prevent adverse human health effects.

Whether you manufacture, import or sell products in Canada, GS1 Canada Incident Reporting helps you comply with Health Canada regulatory requirements, from a single location.*

GS1 Canada Incident Reporting is currently available for the General Merchandise Sector and will be rolled out to other sectors in the future.

* Note: Health Canada accepts Incident Reports through the GS1 Canada Incident Reporting feature but does not mandate its use to meet regulatory requirements.


  • 24/7 online functionality
  • Full integration with Health Canada
  • Secure one-to-many notification distribution
  • Standardized process using GS1 Identification Keys to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Real-time reports to track and report delivery and receipt of incident notifications


  • Round-the-clock access, from anywhere
  • Enabled compliance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act
  • Time saved by communicating with multiple trading partners at once
  • Reduced manual processes with an user-friendly system
  • Brand protection and assurance
  • Peace of mind

Who Can Subscribe?

As an organization with a valid GS1 Company Prefix Licence, you are eligible to participate in GS1 Canada Product Recall.

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