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Get a Barcode

Before you begin using barcodes, you first need to create the numbers those barcodes will represent. These are called Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).

To start creating GTINs, obtain a GS1 Company Prefix Licence. Company Prefix Licences help to uniquely identify everything in the supply chain. If you have regulated healthcare and/or pharmaceutical products, the Permanent GTIN Policy applies. Click here to learn more.

Subscribe to GS1 Canada to create or register Company Prefix Licence.

We offer several subscription options.

** Note: If you are a healthcare provider, please contact GS1 Canada directly for pricing.


Annual Gross Revenue **

For Product Identification:

Access To


< $250,000

Single Barcode

A unique Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)


< $500,000

Up to
10 Barcodes

Up to 10 GTINs


< 1 $Million

Up to
100 Barcodes

GS1 Company Prefix Licence


< $5 Million

Variable based on requirements

GS1 Company Prefix Licence


> $5 Million

Variable based on requirements

GS1 Company Prefix Licence


Not Applicable

GS1 Canada

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

GS1 Canada

Not Applicable

Please note that all dollar values on this page are expressed in terms of Canadian currency. Annual Gross Revenue is calculated in the Canadian equivalent of global annual gross revenue.

GS1 Canada does not currently provide artwork for barcode symbology.

About GS1 Licences

GS1 Company Prefix Licences issued by GS1 Canada after March 31, 1997 are renewable annually.

If your organization has a GS1 Company Prefix Licence issued by another GS1 member organization, you can still participate in GS1 Canada services, subject to participation fees.

Obtain your GS1 Licence today or contact GS1 Canada for more information at 1.800.567.7084

Releasing a Company Prefix or an ECCnet Implementation Service

To release your Company Prefix Licence, contact Industry Support Services at 1.800.567.7084.

Company Name Change

If your company has changed its name or purchased another company with a company prefix, notify GS1 Canada by submitting a Company Name Change Notification form and all appropriate legal documents.

Notice - As a result of GS1 Canada's adherence with the new Canada Not–for–Profit Corporation Act ("New Act"), the following changes to terminology are currently in effect: the terms 'GS1 Canada Member' and 'GS1 Canada Membership' will change to 'GS1 Canada Subscriber' and 'GS1 Canada Subscription'. GS1 Canada will continue under the New Act with minimal changes. Provision of an organization's GS1 Canada Licence or GS1 Company Prefix Licence and any additional GS1 Canada service subscriptions are not impacted by the new legislation.