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How It Will Work

There are five steps that will enable healthcare supply chain partners to share product data with each another via ECCnet Registry, Canada’s healthcare product registry:


Load Data

If loading directly to ECCnet Registry, suppliers will register their company with GS1 Canada and load their product data to ECCnet Registry by using a standards-based product listing form. Alternatively, suppliers may publish their data to ECCnet Registry through any GDSN data pool.


Request Subscription

A data recipient, such as a hospital or SSO, will register their organization with ECCnet Registry.


Publish Data

The supplier will note the subscription, and grant the data recipient access to the requested information.


Pull Data

The data recipient will then be able to access, on an ongoing basis, the standardized product data loaded and perpetually maintained by the supplier, using it to populate their item master files and manage their internal operations.


Confirm and Inform

A confirmation will be sent to the supplier to inform them of any action when data is accessed.