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Participants needed for GS1 Canada Product Recall for Medical Device Working Group

Do you have expertise in healthcare product safety? If so, join your industry peers in the national effort to standardize the product recall communications process.

Specifically, GS1 Canada is looking for senior healthcare industry experts from healthcare provider, distributor, Shared Service Organization (SSO)/Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), and manufacturing organizations to join this industry-led working group. The experts are required to have experience, knowledge and responsibility for medical device product safety, recalls and withdrawals within the healthcare sector.

The group will collaborate through a series of webinars and workshops in Toronto, beginning on November 29, with a face-to-face meeting to identify the business process issues and challenges associated with the communication of medical device product recalls. Subsequently, the group will develop the industry adoption strategy to execute a successful launch and roll-out of the service across Canada's healthcare sector.

What is GS1 Canada Product Recall?

GS1 Canada Product Recall is a global standards-based, industry-driven communication tool to improve the exchange of information associated with recalls, withdrawals and quarantines between organizations. As a user-driven tool, this service is based on industry best practices, and will be built according to the needs of stakeholders.

Benefits of using GS1 Canada Product Recall include:

GS1 Canada Product Recall was launched in the grocery sector in November 2009, with collaboration currently underway for the launch of a similar program for the general merchandise and pharmacy sectors.

Here are the participation requirements:

  1. Commitment to participate in an initial meeting in person (November 29, 2012).
  2. Estimated time commitment: 1-2 full day session(s) onsite at GS1 Canada, and the possibility of subsequent, brief conference calls.

  3. Consideration to participate in the subsequent pilot(s) of GS1 Canada Product Recall.
  1. Commitment to participate in the roll-out of GS1 Canada Product Recall for Medical Devices as per the outlined Industry Adoption Strategy.
  2. Estimated time commitment: Two half-day sessions on site at GS1 Canada.

Please note that these estimates may be impacted by the complexity of the market, requirements, scope changes and regulatory requirements.

Submit your request for participation in GS1 Canada Product Recall for Medical Device Working Group to