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Key Executives Join GS1 Canada's Carenet Healthcare Sector Board

Commitment to the safety and sustainability of Canada's healthcare system through supply chain standardization continues to grow, as four health sector leaders join the GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Sector Board. Mr. Jim Hudson, CEO, Shared Services West (SSW); Ms. Teresa Mattarelli, Vice President and General Manager, Covidien; Mr. Andrew Will, President and CEO, 3sHealth (Health Shared Services Saskatchewan); and Mr. Kent Nicholson, President and CEO, Medbuy Corporation, join executives from across the country to provide insight and direction on modernization of the healthcare supply chain.

"These individuals will be strategic forces in driving the industry mandate to achieve cost savings and improved patient care through streamlined supply chain processes based on global GS1 standards," said Alicia Duval, Senior Vice President, Healthcare & Pharmacy, GS1 Canada. "They are committed to developing collaborative solutions to current healthcare challenges. The breadth and depth of their experience will be critical in advancing this movement."

Mr. Jim Hudson – CEO of SSW
As the CEO of SSW, Mr. Hudson is responsible for leading the organization in providing supply chain services to 11 member and customer hospital groups. He has spent over 30 years in supply chain management including senior supply chain executive positions in national and international wholesaling and manufacturing companies including Kohl and Frisch, AT Plastics and Praxair. Mr. Hudson has actively participated on the boards of Supply Chain Canada and the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. Mr. Hudson is the 2007 recipient of the Logistician of the Year award presented by Supply Chain Canada.

Ms. Teresa Mattarelli is a Vice-President and General Manager at Covidien
Ms. Mattarelli is a seasoned leader with a strong record of delivering results and an orientation for driving performance in people. Ms. Mattarelli's focuses are on identifying strategic areas of opportunity for growth and on building mutually beneficial partnerships between industry and the healthcare sector. Ms. Mattarelli has extensive marketing, sales and management experience in a variety of industries, acquired at Nation Air, Gillette, Helene Curtis and Smith & Nephew.

Mr. Andrew Will – President and CEO of 3sHealth
Mr. Andrew Will is the President and CEO of 3sHealth (Health Shared Services Saskatchewan). Mr. Will has dedicated his career to providing executive leadership that builds a strong organizational culture that is focused on supporting individuals and teams to achieve their best for the people they serve. Mr. Will's most recent roles were with Alberta Health Services, where he served as Executive Vice President, Clinical Support Services, and most recently, Executive Vice President and Executive Lead, Transition. Mr. Will's experience includes serving as the CEO of three health regions in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Mr. Kent Nicholson is the President and CEO of Medbuy Corporation
Mr. Nicholson has a history of leadership in the healthcare industry as well as in several well-known private sector companies. He has more than two decades of experience leading organizations to increased market share, productivity and customer satisfaction. Prior to joining Medbuy in 2011, Mr. Nicholson held senior leadership roles with CML Healthcare, Imperial Oil Ltd. and Canadian Tire Corporation. Mr. Nicholson's industry service includes a term as chair of the Ontario Association of Medical Laboratories.

About the Carenet Strategy
Led by GS1 Canada, the Carenet Strategy is the industry-driven strategy to modernize the Canadian healthcare supply chain using the GS1 System of standards. To date, over 625 healthcare providers, 350 leading suppliers, major Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), technology solution providers, as well as provincial and federal governments have engaged with GS1 Canada to drive this pan-Canadian transformation. By establishing a common framework for identifying products such as drugs and medical devices, or locations such as manufacturer addresses and hospital ORs, capturing data about them, and sharing this information with other organizations, GS1 Standards will result in: patient safety benefits; supply chain efficiencies; cost savings; and government policy and program compliance.