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GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Sector Board

Scott Baker
Vice President, Materials Management
The Stevens Company Limited

Karen Belaire
Chief Executive Officer
Shared Services West

Tony DiEmanuele, Chair
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mohawk Medbuy Corporation

David Dumont
Vice President, Health Services
Service New Brunswick

Alicia Duval, Board Facilitator
Senior Vice President, Industry Relations
GS1 Canada

Brian Emmerton
Vice President & General Manager
Aramark Canada Ltd.

Robin Hunter
General Manager & Vice President, Canada
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Ron Johnson
Chief Information Officer (Interim)
Eastern Health

Anthony Jonker
Director, Hospital Business Initiatives
Ontario Hospital Association

Jade Karsin
Regional Manager, Procurement
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Val Klassen
Director, Supply Chain Management

François Lemoyne
Executive Director

David Loukras
Provincial Director, Supply Chain Performance
BC Clinical & Support Services

Eileen Mac Donald
GS1 Canada

Scott MacNair
President, Canada

David Murphy
Cardinal Health Canada

Zach Pocklington
Medline Canada Corporation

Jitendra Prasad
Chief Program Officer, Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management
Alberta Health Services

Jim Slater
CEO, Diagnostic Services Manitoba

N. Arthur Smith
Chief Executive Officer
GS1 Canada

Stephen Thompson
General Manager, Region Head
Baxter Canada

Lori Turik
Executive Director, World Health Innovation Network (WIN)
Odette School of Business, University of Windsor

Cynthia Valaitis
President & Chief Executive Officer
HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.