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GS1 Canada General Merchandise, Apparel and Hardlines Sector Board

Lester Barnes
Senior Director of Sales, Scott's Canada

Shell Bern, Co-Chair
President, Elfe Juvenile Products

Serge Carestia
Vice President, Logistics & Supply Chain, Home Depot Canada

John Dyksterhuis
Vice President, Distribution, Home Hardware Stores Limited

Graziella Feduzzi
Luxe Supply Chain Director, L’Oréal Canada

Max Forrester
eCommerce Strategist, Echo Brand Management Limited

Mohit Grover
Head of Industry, Google Canada

Eileen Mac Donald
President, GS1 Canada

Paul Osland, Board Facilitator
Vice President, Industry Relations, GS1 Canada

N. Arthur Smith
Chief Executive Officer, GS1 Canada

Gregor Stuart, Co-Chair
Vice President, Supply Chain, Lowe's Canada

David Wilkes
Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Grocery Division, Retail Council of Canada

Alison Woodcock
Senior Vice President, Business Solutions Management, Hudson’s Bay Company