ECCC and 3E Partner to Provide Hazardous Materials Information & Compliance System for the Workplace ECCC and 3E Partner to Provide Hazardous Materials Information & Compliance System for the Workplace
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ECCC and 3E Partner to Provide Hazardous Materials Information & Compliance System for the Workplace

May 16, 2003, TORONTO, ON... The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) has enhanced its service offerings by partnering with 3E Company, the leader in hazardous material information, compliance and incident management services. This new partnership moves forward ECCC’s ongoing efforts to maintain its current commitments in improving member investment through a broad range of e-commerce initiatives.

“ECCC and 3E Company share a long history of providing standardized and robust data through ECCC’s unique centralized registry, ECCnet, Canada’s National Product Registry for ECCC and 3E Company’s MSDS (material safety data sheet) Database. The strengths and expertise brought by the ECCC and 3E Company make this partnership a perfect match based on both organization’s core competencies,” ECCC’s Bob Farrell, Director, Business Development points out. “This partnership offers Canadian companies and members of trade associations the most reliable WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) service available in the marketplace.” Current engaged ECCC members can now subscribe to a WHMIS through ECCC.

“We are looking forward to a long term partnership with ECCC”, said Scott Baur, Channel Sales Director for 3E Company. “We are pleased to provide ECCC and its members with simple compliance solutions to assist in keeping employees safe at work.”

The cost effective service offered by 3E through ECCC will alleviate various aspects of stringent compliance and produce economical efficiencies, enabling Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) staff to focus on the core business of safety and other responsibilities associated with providing a safe working and harmonious environment.

The 3E database now contains more than 13 years of data including millions of MSDSs, related chemical and manufacturer information, regulatory data and agencies, plus professional resources. This MSDS management solution is currently available online and can be searched, viewed, printed, faxed or emailed at any moment of the day or night.

3E Company’s also offers 24-7-365 live customer and technical support service for emergency situations through their Poison Control and Chemical Spill Hotlines. Subscribers can access this service with any questions or concerns about hazardous materials or other issues and have them answered by 3E Company professionals.

This ECCC partnership service with 3E Company is offered to all ECCC members. For more information on the service offerings, contact Mr. Bob Farrell in Industry Relations at 800-567-7084 or by email at To learn more about 3E Company and its services, visit their website at: or call 1-800-360-3220.

About ECCC

The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada is a not-for-profit industry-led association established to promote and maintain global standards for the identification of goods, services, locations, and related E-commerce communication such as bar code issuance and maintenance. Besides bar code issuance, ECCC also provides product images, data management and bar code symbol testing to help you manage and expand the electronic exchange of critical business information with your trading partners. ECCC represents Canada in the continuing development of the global language of business.

About 3E Company

3E Company is the leading provider of environmental, health and safety compliance and information management services. The 3E Online®, 3E OnCall and 3E OnTime platforms plus 3E’s Manufacturer Services deliver hazardous materials compliance and incident management through a comprehensive set of outsourced solutions including MSDS management, transportation, spill, waste, poison, training and compliance services. Founded in 1988, 3E’s services offer a cost effective program for hazardous materials information management by alleviating the burdensome aspects of compliance and allowing EH&S professionals to focus on the more strategic responsibilities associated with maintaining a safe working environment.

All 3E services are delivered via leading edge, reliable technology and are accessible 24-7-365 through 3E’s HazMat Mission Control Center. Backed by a staff of EH&S professionals and founded on a rich database of millions of MSDSs and regulatory information, 3E’s services have proven to deliver cost savings and increase productivity at thousands of customer sites.

If you require additional information on this new partnership contact:

Natasha Renaud
Communication Manager,
Electronic Commerce Council of Canada
(416) 510-8039 ext. 2308