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The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada, as an EAN Member Organization, brings you the following news release from EAN International.

April 10, 2003 - EAN International, a leader in facilitating efficient international business, which first announced its Standards in Action (SIA) Campaign at the Global Retail Technology Forum (GRTF) in Paris in April last year, is celebrating the campaign's 1st anniversary at this year's Forum, at the same venue, from April 8-10, 2003. EAN International's Chief Operations Officer, Erwin De Spiegeleire, is taking the opportunity to promote both its initial achievements and future programme.

The Standards in Action campaign was built around EAN·UCC standards, with an initial goal of providing retailers, their suppliers and systems vendors with a better understanding of interoperability across the supply chain. It was designed to increase awareness that would enable users of EAN·UCC standards to encourage systems vendors to provide high levels of compliance. The first tool introduced to promote that theme was a roadmap that details the critical connection between EAN·UCC standards and retail-Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) supply chain practices and processes. Designed in conjunction with Retail Systems AlertSM Research Service, the roadmap pinpoints key functions and data flows within the supply chain processes where retailers and suppliers can conduct seamless data synchronization and collaborative business activities.

This was followed by a Benefits Calculator for the SIA campaign, which is being demonstrated in Europe for the first time at the GRTF by representatives of EAN International's United States Member Organisation, UCC. The Benefits Calculator seeks to help retail and CPG business and IT executives gain an understanding of the potential benefits to be returned from implementation of basic enabling standards and processes. The tool will help them gain a better understanding for the benefits offered by EAN·UCC standards. This is being supplemented by a Standards in Action white paper, which explains in detail the importance and positive financial of using EAN·UCC standards in the supply chain business processes between trading partners.

Erwin De Spiegeleire, in explaining to visitors the future programme, said: "The Standards in Action campaign has already come of age. Our initial reviews quickly showed that in addition to the original campaign, the programme name was ideal for a much wider application in the global promotion of the EAN·UCC standards. The original goal of the campaign, to provide forums to encourage Solution Providers to embed EAN·UCC Standards in their software developments, is being enhanced by the incorporation of a Global Vendor Forum later this year."

He continued: "In addition, the campaign is being augmented significantly by further key roles. Firstly, the Integration of Implementation Initiatives, which we shall be developing in a rapid, but coordinated way with the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) and the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) movement; secondly, in our general promotional programme to encourage the adoption and usage of EAN·UCC Standards through SIA branded conferences, events, stands at appropriate trade exhibitions, which will also highlight the importance of our standards making process, Global Standards Management Process (GSMP), and thirdly, as a Communication Vehicle for all current and future marketing initiatives throughout the EAN world wide community of 99 Member Organisations, which directly serve 101 active trading countries."

Erwin De Spiegeleire d by saying: "We see our users over a very short time coming to appreciate that the name Standards in Action, with its distinctive logo, is synonymous with putting EAN·UCC Standards to work for the direct benefit and positive impact on company's supply chain efficiency and profitability."


EAN International is the global not for profit organisation that creates, develops and manages jointly with one of its Member Organisations, the Uniform Code Council, the EAN·UCC standards, which are open, global, multisectoral information standards, based on best business practices. By driving their implementation, EAN International and its Member Organisations play a leading role in supply and demand chain management improvement worldwide.


The EAN·UCC System is an integral part of the way business is conducted world-wide. Today, over 900,000 member companies in 129 countries use EAN·UCC standards as part of their daily business communications, representing over 5 billion scanning transactions a day. The supply chain solutions offered by the EAN·UCC System include globally unique identification codes, data transport media and electronic commerce and communications standards. These tools support established industries as well as emerging markets.