Global Supply Chain Standards Key to Increasing Patient Safety Global Supply Chain Standards Key to Increasing Patient Safety
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Global Supply Chain Standards Key to Increasing Patient Safety

Toronto, ON October 3, 2008 - The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that one in ten patients receive the wrong medication or the wrong dose while in hospital. In acknowledgement of the perpetual challenges involved with enhancing patient safety, GS1 Canada would like to commend the exceptional efforts of the healthcare community to continually build and advance a safer healthcare system for Canadians during Canadian Patient Safety Week, taking place from September 29 - October 3, 2008.

“The leadership of Canada’s healthcare administration and workers to drive improvements throughout the system continues to result in strengthened measures for ensuring the health and well being of Canadians,” said N. Arthur Smith, President and CEO of GS1 Canada, a member of GS1, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. “On behalf of GS1 Canada, I would like to thank these compassionate and dedicated professionals for the vital contribution they make to our health and well being.”

As a means of supporting their commitment to ongoing improvement, GS1 Canada is collaborating with leaders from Canada’s healthcare and pharmaceutical communities to examine how global supply chain standards can enhance their business processes, increasing efficiencies and improving patient safety. Further, in May of this year, GS1 Canada and CareNET Services Inc.– an association of Canadian healthcare providers and suppliers that promote, facilitate and support the use of standards-based e-commerce and supply chain best practices – joined forces to help make Canada’s healthcare system safer and more efficient through facilitating adoption of global supply chain standards.

“Standards-based processes and technologies support Canada’s healthcare professionals as they strive to deliver quality care; ensuring that the right medication or medical device is matched with the right patient and that the location of critical equipment can always be identified,” added Smith. “We look forward to continued collaboration with the healthcare community in support of its undertaking to improve safety and sustainability throughout the healthcare system.”
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