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GS1 Canada Working With Industry to Improve Product Traceability in Canada

Toronto, ON January 28, 2009 - GS1 Canada, Canada’s leading not-for-profit organization in the development of global standards for electronic business and supply chain processes, today announced the creation of a Traceability sub-Committee, working under the GS1 Canada Strategic Advisory Council. Comprised of leading technology solution providers that advocate the use of global GS1 Standards, the committee will work collaboratively to advance food and product traceability in Canada.

“Today more than ever consumers are demanding assurances as to the safety of the food and products they purchase,” said N. Arthur Smith, President and CEO, GS1 Canada. “Standardized supply chain traceability processes are the most effective means of providing these assurances, and the Traceability sub-Committee will support Canadian businesses from any sector in awareness, adoption and implementation.”

The Traceability sub-Committee will provide focused technology leadership, direction and expertise to help move Canadian industry to adopt global standards-based supply chain traceability for food and consumer products. Through the development of a Traceability Centre of Expertise, the Committee will provide businesses with fact-based information and education, including case studies, demonstrations, research and best practices. It will raise awareness on all aspects of standardized supply chain traceability and its capacity to improve consumer safety, product recall processes, anti-counterfeit and brand protection measures, and market access for Canadian businesses.

“Canadian businesses are under tremendous pressure from both competitive and public safety standpoints to further demonstrate their commitment to food and product traceability. This is made all the more challenging by the global nature of today’s supply chains,” said Susan Wilkinson, Solutions Executive, Agri-Food Traceability, IBM, and member of GS1 Canada’s Strategic Advisory Council. “As a member of the Traceability sub-Committee, we look forward to enabling Canadian businesses to address this complexity through the adoption of standards-based, interoperable supply chain traceability solutions.”

As a first order of business, the Committee will collaborate on the Canadian roll-out of a Global Traceability Conformance program based on GS1’s Global Traceability Standard. As part of this program, Canadian businesses will have the opportunity to obtain certification for their compliance to global traceability criteria and processes, whereby they will be awarded a Global Traceability Conformance seal - the Can-Trace seal - for their supply chain.

“The Traceability sub-Committee will support Canadian businesses in responding to consumer needs and industry action by achieving enhanced supply chain visibility, quality and safety,” said Kerry Farrell, VP Sales and Marketing, FoodLogiQ. FoodLogiQ joins Axway, Intelliware Development Inc., TraceGains, and TraceTracker as new members to the GS1 Canada Strategic Advisory Council. “We look forward to working with GS1 Canada and the Committee to facilitate Canadian adoption of standardized traceability solutions, further improving the safety of Canadian consumers as well as the competitive position of Canadian businesses.”


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