New Co-Chair for GS1 Canada Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board New Co-Chair for GS1 Canada Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board
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Sanofi Pasteur Executive to Co-Chair GS1 Canada Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board

Toronto, ON November 25, 2009 - GS1 Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert Van Exan, Director, Immunization Policy, Sanofi Pasteur Limited., to the position of Co-Chair of its Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board. This Board identifies opportunities to support the adoption of a common system of supply chain standards in the healthcare and pharmacy sectors in order to improve patient safety, cost efficiency and staff productivity.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Van Exan to the Board,” said N. Arthur Smith, President and CEO, GS1 Canada. “His leadership as Co-Chair will support the advancement of global standards usage across the Canadian pharmacy supply chain, resulting in enhanced patient safety and significant cost savings.

GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board ultimately seeks to ensure that Canada’s pharmacy sector trading partners are able to fully operate in an increasingly e-driven global supply chain reality.  Through collaboration with sector representatives, as well as government and key healthcare stakeholders, the Board identifies opportunities to leverage global standards-based solutions and transferable adoption models that support a safe and sustainable healthcare delivery system across Canada.

“In the continuous pursuit of improving patient safety and enhancing the efficiency of the healthcare supply chain, it is critical for the pharmacy sector to enable the auto-identification of healthcare products, improve the integrity of product data exchanged throughout the supply chain, and increase uptake of electronic business processes,” explained Dr. Van Exan.   “With representation from across Canada’s pharmacy supply chain, GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board can collaborate on a national scale to advance initiatives that will have a meaningful impact on the progress of the sector in these areas.”

Sanofi Pasteur has been devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of vaccines in multiple capacities and incarnations since 1914. Its mission is to protect and improve human health on a worldwide scale by playing an active role as a provider of superior, innovative vaccines for the prevention and treatment of disease.  To this end, Dr. Van Exan also participates in the Automatic Identification of Vaccines Project managed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, participating on the Implementation Roadmap Work Group to identify product identification, technology, and education timelines required to support vaccine traceability in Canada, using the GS1 System of standards.

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