GS1 Canada Leads Next-Generation Global Supply Chain Efficiency GS1 Canada Leads Next-Generation Global Supply Chain Efficiency
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GS1 Canada Leads Next-Generation Global Supply Chain Efficiency
-- Canada in a strengthened position to enhance its role in global e-commerce --

TORONTO, ON, June 30, 2005 - The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) announced today that it has joined GS1, the largest e-commerce standards organization in the world, and that it has officially become GS1 Canada. The new partnership forms a worldwide network of member organizations in over 100 countries aimed at developing an integrated and seamless global supply chain.

Setting the Stage for Revolutionary Changes in E-Commerce
GS1 is a pioneer in global data synchronization and next generation product identification, said N. Arthur Smith, GS1 Canada’s Chief Executive Officer. As a member organization, GS1 Canada is in a stronger position to enhance Canada’s role in global e-commerce standards, which is vital for maintaining Canada’s competitive advantage and sustaining a strong e-economy.

Joining GS1 better enables the new GS1 Canada to lead Canadian industry toward collaborative commerce, the next generation of e-commerce. Collaborative commerce refers to the process of integrating commercial processes, sharing customer relationships, and managing knowledge across enterprise boundaries. The global impact of collaborative commerce will be profound, enabling supply chains within and across sectors to electronically achieve increased efficiency, improved productivity and superior economic benefit.

Significant Benefits to Canadian Industry
GS1 Canada’s leverage and the move to collaborative commerce will have significant benefits for Canadian industry, said Joe Zenobio, President of GS1 Canada. By playing a prominent role in the development of collaborative commerce standards and processes, we expect that supply chain decisions by Canadian businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, will be more strategic and timely, enabling them to compete with their domestic and global counterparts.

GS1 Canada will continue to provide enhanced implementation services helping companies improve supply-chain efficiency and bring products to market faster and more effectively. With GS1 Canada at the forefront of standards development, members are assured that ECCnet Image & Validation services are based on global standards, that using the ECCnet Registry enhances business practices by enabling data synchronizaton, and that education products are continually evolving to keep up with new advances in e-commerce technologies.

About GS1 Canada
GS1 Canada is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods, locations and related e-commerce communication, such as bar code issuance and maintenance. GS1 Canada is the only authorized source for globally unique company prefixes in Canada, a standard term and condition of trade globally. It provides a range of educational opportunities, maintains Canada’s national product registry, and offers one-stop access to product images and dimensions. As technologies like Electronic Product Codes (EPC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) continue to drive the e-commerce revolution, GS1 Canada will provide the leadership to help ensure that Canadian companies can participate competitively. For more information, visit

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