GS1 Canada Hosts Global Data Synchronization Standards Summit GS1 Canada Hosts Global Data Synchronization Standards Summit
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GS1 Canada Hosts Global Data Synchronization Standards Summit
GS1 Canada’s Participation Ensures Global Standards Incorporate Canadian Requirements

TORONTO, ON, August 24, 2005 – GS1 Canada, Canada’s experts in collaborative commerce and global standards, hosted a global data synchronization standards summit which took place in Toronto from August 9 to 12, 2005. Over 60 representatives from around the world participated, including major international manufacturers, retailers and solution providers, such as Ahold, The Home Depot, Kraft Foods Inc., Procter & Gamble, and Wal-Mart, along with several international GS1 member organizations, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, the U.S. and the U.K.

“The convergence of this vast cross-section of participants enabled the global data synchronization standards to be advanced in a highly collaborative and productive setting,” said Mike Sadiwnyk, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations, GS1 Canada. “GS1 Canada’s participation ensures that global standards incorporate Canadian requirements.”

During the summit, working groups met to learn and share real-world experience pertaining to the development of GS1 standards for use in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), an Internet-based initiative that allows companies of all scale to exchange product data with their trading partners worldwide. Specific groups that met during the summit include:

Global Data Synchronization Network Task Group
The Global Data Synchronization Network Task Group supports the implementation and development of the GDSN. The Task Group holds weekly conference calls and periodic face-to-face meetings to discuss GDSN process, new business requirements, guidelines for standards use and standards development.

Global Product Classification Task Group
The Global Product Classification Task Group develops a flexible product classification system, which serves retail channel business-to-business needs for item set-up, maintenance, authorization and query.

Data Accuracy Team
The Data Accuracy Team develops the standards-based set of tolerances that will be used within the network to ensure data accuracy. The Data Accuracy Pilot Program (DAPP) is a test program developed by the Global Standard Management Process (GSMP) Data Accuracy Task Force to help estimate tolerances of product dimensions through sampling. DAPP’s objective is to determine a level of measurement variation that is agreed to be acceptable by retailers and attainable by manufacturers for a sample group of products and package types.

About GS1 Canada
GS1 Canada is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods, locations and related e-commerce communication, such as bar code issuance and maintenance. GS1 Canada is the only authorized source for globally unique company prefixes in Canada, a standard term and condition of trade globally. It provides a range of educational opportunities, maintains Canada’s national product registry, and offers one-stop access to product images and dimensions. As technologies like Electronic Product Codes (EPC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) continue to drive the e-commerce revolution, GS1 Canada will provide the leadership to help ensure that Canadian companies can participate competitively. For more information, visit