A. de la Chevrotière Limitée 'Turns off the Paper' A. de la Chevrotière Limitée 'Turns off the Paper'
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A. de la Chevrotière Limitée 'Turns off the Paper'

October 8, 2004 – ECCC is pleased to announce that A. de la Chevrotière Limitée (A.D.L.), a major Quebec food wholesaler, has "turned off the paper" with its trading partners. A.D.L. now extracts their trading partners' product listing data electronically through ECCnet Canada's National Registry for use in their business processes, providing organization-wide efficiencies. This is a critical step in the path towards data synchronization, which will enable continuous automated exchange of identical and up-to-date information between trading partners.

This announcement follows several other Grocery sector retailers "turning off the paper," demonstrating the industry's commitment to achieving complete data synchronization. As a result of the industry dedication, more than 2000 vendors have loaded more than 295,000 GTINs into the ECCnet registry.

This extensive registry of product listing data provides value to both retailers and vendors alike. Once vendors have entered their data completely and accurately into the ECCnet registry, they grant their customers simultaneous access to their up-to-date data in one central location. This streamlined communication between retailer and vendor saves considerable time and reduces the possibility of error.

Future Implications for the Grocery Sector

Successful data synchronization will provide the foundation for future technologies such as the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network, which combines Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and Internet technologies to enhance the supply chain process. By assigning a unique serial number to each item in the supply chain, the EPC Network will enable information to be communicated more accurately in real time throughout the supply chain, allow companies to manage inventory more effectively and meet customer demand in a more responsive manner.

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