GS1 Canada Announces New Director of Healthcare GS1 Canada Announces New Director of Healthcare
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GS1 Canada Announces New Director of Healthcare

TORONTO, ON, March 6, 2008 – GS1 Canada, Canada’s expert in collaborative commerce and global standards, is pleased to announce Rob Bell as director of Healthcare, GS1 Canada.

In his new role, Mr. Bell will be responsible for managing key components of the GS1 Healthcare Canada initiative, including industry driven projects with the focus to strengthen patient safety and achieve significant supply chain improvements through the adoption of and adherence to globally recognized supply chain standards within the Canadian healthcare sector. Mr. Bell also works collaboratively with various industry stakeholders, including the advancement of CareNET Services Inc. (CareNET), an association of Canadian healthcare providers and suppliers advancing and supporting the use of electronic commerce.

In his previous experience, Mr. Bell made significant contributions in the areas of healthcare, government and retail. In healthcare, Mr. Bell led the e-Supply Chain Project, a multi-hospital initiative that resulted in the successful implementation of a supply chain transformation project leading to the savings of millions of dollars. As part of this project, he supported the implementation of e-commerce, bar code, inventory management and business intelligence technologies in the healthcare industry.
In government, Mr. Bell has consulted and provided project management services to the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Supply Chain Secretariat for the Ontario Ministry of Finance, supporting the transformation of supply chains in Ontario hospitals and the development of hospital Supply Chain Performance Metrics and Standards.
Mr. Bell also held several management positions at Baxter Corporation where he was responsible for the overall development and execution of the company’s eBusiness strategy. He also spent seven years working at Canadian Tire Corporation to support the automation of supply chain processes with its suppliers.


About GS1 Healthcare Canada
GS1 Healthcare Canada, a GS1 Canada initiative, works towards advancing the development of global standards to enable a safe, sustainable and efficient healthcare system in Canada. GS1 Healthcare Canada is instrumental in improving patient safety and the efficiency of the healthcare supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical devices through the collaborative development and endorsement of voluntary GS1 standards and best practices including bar coding and Electronic Product Code™/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID). For more information, visit

About GS1 Canada
GS1 Canada is a neutral, not-for-profit organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods, locations and related e-commerce communication, and provides education and awareness of these global standards. As a member organization of GS1, the leading supply chain standards organization in the world, GS1 Canada is the only authorized source for globally unique Company Prefix Licences in Canada, a standard term and condition of trade globally that enable organizations to create reliable, industry-compliant bar codes. GS1 Canada represents Canadian businesses of all sizes – including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), multinational organizations, retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers – in over 20 industry sectors across all regions of Canada – in the global standards development process.

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