March 1, 2004

Dear Sobeys Vendor;

Sobeys Inc. is constantly reviewing its processes in order to achieve greater efficiency. As a result, Sobeys Inc. will be streamlining its processes around ECCnet Canada's National Product Registry. The primary change for you is that there will be only one Sobeys entity within the registry.

The product catalogues currently in use were evaluated and a decision was made to use Sobeys Ontario as the basis for a standard Sobeys Inc. catalogue. Thus, effective today, you must grant access to Sobeys Ontario plus the region-specific catalogue in preparation for the Sobeys Inc. single product catalogue.

The target date for this migration is March 8, 2004. After the migration, you will see only one Sobeys product catalogue in the registry and all Sobeys regions will be sharing the same data. In conjunction with this simplification, Sobeys Inc. will have only one listing form that will be standard across the regions.

In early March, Sobeys Inc. will be coordinating with a small number of suppliers to convert the new listing process to one that uses only the ECCnet registry. There will be supplemental forms to record specific attributes such as pricing and other variables unique to each Sobeys region. This will ensure maximum benefit from the new national listing form.

We look forward to your cooperation on this important transition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada at 1.800.567.7084 or

Thank you for your continued support of ECCC and as a valued supplier to Sobeys Inc.


Gerard Ladouceur

Director, National Vendor Programs
Sobeys Inc.

Katherine Collier

Director, National Data Integrity
Sobeys Inc.