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What is ECCnet Registry?

ECCnet Registry, Canada's national product registry, provides a single point of access for perpetually cleansed, accurate and trusted data across industry sectors, including healthcare providers, shared service organizations and distributors within the Canadian healthcare industry.

Canadian healthcare industry representatives contributed their expertise to roll-out ECCnet Registry to improve patient safety, prevent medical errors, drive cost savings, and improve supply chain efficiencies across the Canadian healthcare system.

GS1 Canada members have been utilizing ECCnet Registry since 2002 for synchronized product data exchange. Product listing through ECCnet Registry is already a standard term and condition of trade in the Canadian grocery, pharmacy and foodservice sectors.

ECCnet Registry ensures that only validated users gain access to this secure, auditable system.

ECCnet Registry Benefits

ECCnet Registry is based on global GS1 supply chain standards and has been built according to GS1 Canada's proven model for driving data accuracy. GS1 standards provide a common business language for product information that can be used by any supply chain partner. GS1 standards support healthcare business processes and benefit the healthcare sector in many ways, including:

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