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Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Activity-based costing (ABC) provides a means of accurately assigning support or "soft" costs to product manufacture that includes the administrative resources that a job actually consumes, not just labor, machinery, and materials. (includes direct and in
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Activity Based Management (ABM)
Method of decision making based on the management of activities and accurate accounting of activities in order to increase value for customers and generate the profits needed to ensure value is delievered to customers.
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Add-On Symbol
A bar code symbol used to encode information supplementary to that in the main bar code symbol.
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Addressable imaging resolution
The maximum number of image positions along a straight-line one inch in length that can be addressed by the designer. This resolution would exclude further resolution-enhancing techniques performed by the imaging device or software that are beyond the con
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Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
Notification of product due prior to receipt. (see Ship Notice Manifest (856))
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AIM International
An international organization whose mission is to grow a worldwide market for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) products and services through concerted action to set international standards, increase global awareness of AIDC solutions, and
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Alphanumeric (AN)
Describes a character set that contains alphabetic characters (letters), numeric digits (numbers), and other characters, such as punctuation marks.
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American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Designation conferred by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) upon standards submitted by ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organizations (SDO). The ANS designation is awarded after the opportunity for public review and comment, and a cert
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Annual Registration Fee
All ECCC members are required to renew their registration on a annual basis which is tied to a fee that is submitted to keep their "Account in good standing" (paid member).
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ANSI standard
A document authorized by ANSI that has been approved through the consensus process of public announcement and review. Each of these standards must have been developed by an ANSI accredited committee and must be revisited by that committee within five year
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ANSI Symbol Grade
A symbol grade per the ANSI X3.182 Guideline.
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ANSI/UCC1-2000: U.P.C. Symbol Specification Manual
The predecessor of UCC Quality Specification for the U.P.C. Printed Symbol. This UCC-developed publication, approved by ANSI in January 1995, provides specifications for U.P.C. Symbols.
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ANSI/UCC4-2000: UCC/EAN-128 Application Identifier Standard
A dictionary of data structures and definitions for UCC/EAN-128 Application Identifiers. This UCC-developed publication, originally approved by ANSI in January 1995, also provides important background on printing UCC/EAN-128 Symbols.
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ANSI/UCC5-2000: Quality Specification for the U.P.C. Printed Symbol
This UCC-developed publication, approved by ANSI in December 1995, provides the dimensional and encodation specifications for the U.P.C. Symbol, as well as details the method for assessing its quality after it has been printed. Also see UCC Quality Specif
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ANSI/UCC5-based verifier
An instrument designed to measure the various characteristics of the printed bar code symbol to determine if it meets the requirements of a parameter specified by ANSI/UCC-5 and ISO-15416
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ANSI/UCC6-2000: Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes
This UCC-developed publication, originally approved by ANSI in June 1996 and updated in 2000, that provides the identification codes used within UCC and EAN shipping applications, details the symbols used to encode them, and gives symbol specifications fo
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ANSI-based verifier
An instrument designed to measure the various characteristics of printed bar code symbols to determine if they meet the requirements of the ANSI X3.182-1990 Bar Code Print Quality Guideline.
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A physical opening that is part of the optical path in a device such as a scanner, photometer, or camera. Most apertures are circular, but they may be rectangular or elliptical.
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Application Advice (824)
An EDI transaction set that is used to notify a sender about application errors generated in the receiver's application system.
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Application Identifier (AI)
The field of two or more characters at the beginning of an Element String that uniquely defines its format and meaning.
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Application Programming Interface (API)
see Application Programming Interface
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ASC x12
Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 is responsible for developing American National Standards for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
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Asociación Mexicana de Estándares para el Comercio Electrónico (AMECE)
The EAN Member Organisation (MO) that administers the EAN.UCC System in Mexico.
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ASP (Application Service Provider)
ASPs, supported by companies like SAP, are anxious to attract business from SMEs; they therefore sell access to their servers and software, which reduces development, implementation, and maintenance/upgrade cost for customers.
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Asset Type
A number assigned by the owner of an asset to uniquely identify a type of asset.
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A piece of information reflecting a characteristic related to an identification number (e.g., Global Trade Item Number™ (GTIN™), SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)).
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Audio/Video Selection Number
Within a GTIN a five-digit number assigned by the owner or controller of the label, to identify individual products such as a movie title or compact disc title (prerecorded audio and video software products).
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A mechanism that allows the receiver of an electronic transmission to verify the sender and the integrity of the content of the transmission through the use of an electronic "key" or algorithm, which is shared by the trading partners. This is sometimes re
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The capability of a reader to automatically recognize and decode multiple bar code symbologies.
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