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The lighter portion of a bar code symbol, including the Quiet Zones and spaces between the bars.
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The dark (low reflectance) rectangular element of a bar code symbol.
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Bar Code
A precise arrangement of parallel lines (bars) and spaces that vary in width to represent data.
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Bar code character
A group of bars and spaces that represents a letter, number, or other information.
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Bar code density
The number of symbol characters that can be represented in a specific unit of measure.
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Bar Code Master
See Film Master.
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Bar gain/loss
The increase/decrease in bar width due to effects of the reproduction and printing processes.
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Bar height
The dimension of a bar (line) measured from its top to its bottom.
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Bar width
The thickness of a bar (line) measured from one of its edges to the other.
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Bar Width Reduction (BWR)
The uniform bar width reduction of a bar code symbol in the Film Master or digital bar code file to correct for anticipated bar growth in the imaging or printing process.
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Batch EDI
The pre-scheduled transmission or receipt of EDI data.
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Bearer Bars
Bars surrounding a bar code symbol to prevent misreads or to improve print quality of the bar code symbol.
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Bill of Lading (BOL)
See Shipment Identification Number.
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Bill of Lading (BOL) Number
This is the actual number assigned to a Shipment Identification Number under which the goods are shipped. It is used only for truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. It may be matched to a 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status transac
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Bill of Lading (BOL) Serial Number
The nine-digit number within a Bill of Lading (BOL) Number used to reference a Shipment Identification Number.
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Billing unit
An item that is priced and invoiced in trade between two parties at any point in the supply chain.
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Created by the leaders in logistics and banking, is changing international Internet e-commerce, making it possible all the parties along the commercial/value chain to exhange documents and data online.
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Bonus pack
A trade item that has increased quantity (e.g., net weight, count, or volume) and is sold at the same price as the regular quantity item.
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Bookland EAN Number
The International Book Number (ISBN) is a system of numerical identification for books, pamphlets, educational kits, microforms, CD-ROM and Braille. By assigning a unique 10-digit number to each published title, the system provides that title with its ow
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Bookland EAN Price Code
A supplementary five-digit number for Bookland EAN Numbers consisting of a one-digit currency designator followed by a four-digit price code without punctuation.
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Brand owner
The party that is responsible for allocating EAN.UCC System numbering and bar code symbols on a given trade item. The administrator of an EAN.UCC Company Prefix.

Program allowing Internet browsing and Web site access from a personal computer. It makes it possible in particular to render both text and the images (along with sound and animations, etc.) of WWW pages. The most commonly used browsers are Netscape Navig
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