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Cache Memory
This mechanism accelerates computer performance. Since programmes often uses the same data and instructions, repeatedly, recent actions are stored in the cache memory, which permits faster retrieval/access.
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Calgary Office
2323 - 32nd Avenue NE, Suite 203C Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6Z3 Telephone: (403) 291-2235 Fax: (403) 291-2240

The party that provides freight transportation services.
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A physical or electronic mechanism that carries data.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Style sheets that define the layout and formatting of a Web document.
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Category management
A joint process between retailer and manufacturer where service and product categories are managed as strategic business units, producing enhanced business results by focusing on delivering consumer value.
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Charge Couple Device
Technology common to image scanners.

Check Digit
A digit calculated from the other digits of an Element String, used to check that the data has been correctly composed. (See EAN.UCC Check Digit Calculation.)
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Clear Area
See Quiet Zone.
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Code 128 Symbol
A variable length bar code symbology capable of encoding the full ASCII 128 character set and other special characters. Code 128 Symbols with a special start code pattern (consisting of a start code character in the first symbol character position followe
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Collaborative commerce (c-commerce)
C-commerce, or collaborative commerce, represents a dynamic vision of b2b commerce. Purchasing and supply chain management is no longer a narrow channel consisting of a limited number of players but a dynamically changing marketplace supported by a commun
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Commercial network
A public store and forward facility for EDI transmissions.
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Commercial Unit
Any unit (article, product or service) for which it is necessary to find preset information, whose price can be fixed and which can be ordered or invoiced for purposes of trade in any point in the supply chain.
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Commodity ID
A four-digit number within the UCC's ID number for North American retail products sold after being weighed or measured. This four-digit number is used to designate the commodity for the item that is weighed or measured and then sold.
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Company Number
A component of the EAN.UCC Company Prefix. EAN Member Organizations and the Uniform Code Council (UCC(tm)) assign EAN.UCC Company Prefixes to entities that administer the allocation of EAN.UCC System identification numbers. These entities may be, for exam
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Compliance checking
A checking process that is used to ensure that an EC transmission complies with ANSI ASC X12 syntax rules.
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Composite Component«
Refers to the 2D symbol component within a composite symbol. (See Composite Symbology«.)
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Composite Symbology«
An EAN.UCC System composite symbol consists of a linear component (encoding the item's primary identification) associated with an adjacent 2D Composite Component« (encoding supplementary data, such as a batch number or expiration date). The composite symb
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The representation of several Element Strings in one bar code symbol.
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The party by whom the goods, cargo, or containers are sent. The physical dispatch can be done by another party. Synonym: shipper.
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Consumer Unit
An retail good intended for sale to consumers. The consumer unit is defined as the most elementary unit that is or could be offered to consumers for purchase. That implies, among other things, that the product includes, in clearly visible form, all of the
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Continuous Replenishment (CRP)
A programme that triggers the production of a product and its entry into the supply chain whenever an identical product is purchased by a consumer.
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Difference in reflectance between the dark bars and clear spaces of a bar code that can be read by by an optical scanner
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Corrected magnification
A process of altering the desired dimensions of a bar code symbol to create modules consisting of a consistent integer number of addressable imaging device dots.
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Corrected Special Symbol Character
A process of altering the dimensions of a symbol character (representing the data characters 1, 2, 7, and 8) in a consistent, integer number of addressable imaging device dots.
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Corrugated box
A material comprised of one or more sheets of fluted paper stuck between flat sheets of paper (e.g., a brown box used for case packs).
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A voucher that can be redeemed at the Point-of-Sale for a cash value or free item.
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Cross Docking
The act of moving goods from one vehicle to another without storing them in a warehouse.
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The party that receives, buys, or consumes an item or service.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM is a process implemented by companies who want to promote and manage customer loyalty. CRM tools are software tools developed for the purpose of enabling loyalty programs and growing market share by integrating data management with customer needs and
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