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Data carrier
A means to represent data in a machine readable form; used to enable automatic reading of the Element Strings.
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Data character
A letter, digit, or other symbol represented in the data field(s) of an Element String.
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Data field
The smallest part of the data part of an Element String that needs to be distinguished.
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Data mapping
Relationship between the X12 message syntax and the user's data.
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Data Standard
The entirety of all EAN.UCC System data standardized in meaning and structure.
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Data structure
The Uniform Code Council (UCC(tm)) and EAN International data structures defined in the various lengths required for the different identification purposes, which all share a hierarchical composition. Their composition blends the needs of international con
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Data titles
A standard abbreviated description of a data field; used to denote the Human Readable Interpretation of encoded data.
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A parameter specified by ANSI/UCC-5 and ISO-15416 that measures how closely the Scan Reflectance Profile is to approaching decode failure for a given printed symbol.
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Converting the bars and spaces in a bar code symbol into its corresponding data
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The part of the scanning system equipment that interprets the bar code.
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A parameter specified by ANSI/UCC-5 and ISO-15416 that measures the voids present within the bars and the spots present within the spaces or Quiet Zones of the bar code symbol.
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Digital Bar Code File
A bar code that is designed and stored in a digitized format.
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Digital Bar Code Font
A bar code character set representing the individual data characters intended to form a bar code symbol.
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Digital offset
A process of sending digitized images directly to an "offset" printing press without using intermediate film or printing plates.
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Direct Exchange (DX) UCS
The Uniform Communication Standard (UCS) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard used for direct store delivery.
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Direct print
A process in which the printing apparatus prints the symbol by making physical contact with a substrate (e.g., flexography).
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Direct store delivery (DSD)
DSD implies a high volume of deliveries and high turnover of produits and therefore applies mainly to supermarkets.
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Direct transmission
The exchange of data from the computer of the sending party directly to the computer of the receiving party. A third-party value-added service is not used in a direct transmission.
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A process of sending digitized images directly to a plate making process without using intermediate film.
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A business that does not manufacture its own products but purchases and resells these products. Such a business usually maintains a finished goods inventory.
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Document Object Model (DOM)
A platform- and language-neutral interface that enables programs and scripts to dynamically access and update structure, content, and style of documents. Document Object Model (DOM) supplies a set of objects for representing Extensible Markup Language (XM
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Document type definition (DTD)
The purpose of a document type definition is to define the legal building blocks of an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document. It defines the document structure with a list of legal elements.
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Domain name server (DNS)
Domain Name Server. The DNS system converts domain names into numeric IP addresses.
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The smallest imaging unit for a given imaging device.
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