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Family Code
A three-digit number assigned by the issuer of coupons (manufacturer), that links related products or groups of products for the purpose of coupon validation.
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Film Master
A bar code symbol that exists within a positive or negative film and conforms to the strict tolerances set by the UCC(tm) in U.P.C. Film Master Verification Manual (for U.P.C. Symbols) and ANSI/UCC6-2000: Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes
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Final film
The generation of photographic film used to create an imaging tool (e.g., plate or screen).

The process of establishing print characteristics or tolerances for a printing press or process.
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Fixed length
Term used to describe a data field in an Element String with an established number of characters.
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Fixed Measure Trade Item
An item always produced in the same pre-defined version (e.g., type, size, weight, contents, design) that may be sold at any point in the supply chain.
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A visible marker on or within a continuous roll or stack of printed materials to indicate the presence of quality defects or new batches. 2. A special indicator that requires action.
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Flow-Through Distribution
A process that allows seamless flow of product and information through the supply chain.
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Abbreviation for Function 1 Character.

For Position Only Bar Code (FPO)
See FPO Symbol.

FPO Symbol (For Position Only)
A bar code symbol that is only intended to indicate the size, orientation, color, and placement of the bar code symbol. It may or may not be encoded properly or produced at the specified resolution.

Full String
The data transmitted by the bar code reader from reading a data carrier, including Symbology Identifier and Element String(s).
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Function 1 Character (FNC1)
A symbology element used to form the double start pattern of a UCC/EAN-128 Bar Code Symbol. It is also used to separate certain concatenated Element Strings, dependent on their positioning in the bar code symbol.
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Functional Acknowledgment (997)
A transaction set transmitted by the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender, indicating receipt and syntactical acceptability of data transmitted according to the ASC X12 standards. The functional acknowledgment allows the receiving party to report
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Functional Acknowledgment (VICS and UCS transaction set 997)
The Functional Acknowledgement transaction provides a positive response that informs the sender if the contents of the transmission were syntactically correct. It is not an acknowledgement of any application data such as terms or discounts. In practice, a