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Global Commerce Initiative
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Global Commerce Internet Protocol
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Global Component Trade Item Number
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Global Data Alignment System
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General Distribution Scanning
Unattended, fixed mount scanning environments, where items are scanned automatically as they pass by on a conveyor.
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Abbreviation for the Global Individual Asset Identifier.

Abbreviation for the Global Location Number.
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Global Location Number
A number that uses the EAN/UCC-13 Data Structure to identify physical, functional, or legal entities. Abbreviation: GLN
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Global Trade Item Number ™
GTIN; A Global Trade Item Number(tm) may use the EAN/UCC-8, UCC-12, EAN/UCC-13, or EAN/UCC-14 Data Structure.
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Abbreviation for the Global Returnable Asset Identifier.

Greeting Card Pattern Number
A five-digit number assigned by the manufacturer of a greeting card to uniquely identify the card to a specific season, occasion, or ultimately, to the specific card design (true stock keeping unit level).
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Group Identifier
The first digit (or digits) in the ISBN. It may be either a language group, such as 0 or 1 for English-speaking countries, or a country designator, such as 2 for France.
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Abbreviation for the Global Service Relation Number.

GTAG = Global TAG
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Abbreviation for the Global Trade Item Number(tm).
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GTIN ™ Format
The format in which Global Trade Item Numbers(tm) (GTINs(tm)) must be represented in a 14-digit reference field (key) in computer files to ensure uniqueness of the identification numbers.
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Guard Bar Pattern
An auxiliary pattern of bars/spaces corresponding to start or stop patterns in bar code symbologies, and serving to separate the two halves of EAN-8, EAN-13, and UPC-A Symbols.