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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
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Handling unit
A term used to describe a good or aggregation of goods bundled together for distribution and logistical purposes. Unit loads are typically handling units, as may be transport packages. A single handling unit may consist of a bundle of goods bought and sol
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House Way Bill Number
A freight forwarder's document used mainly as a control for the goods within the freight forwarder's own service system.
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Household ID Number
An eight-digit number in a UCC/EAN-128 Coupon Extended Code that can be used by manufacturers to identify a specific household or a group of households for focused promotions.
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See Hypertext Markup Language.

HyperText Markup Language
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HyperText Transfer Protocol
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Human Readable Interpretation
Characters that can be read by persons, such as letters and numbers, as opposed to symbol characters within bar code symbols, which are read by machines.
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Human translation
Text designed to support manual operations and to facilitate key entry in menu driven systems. Data titles and data content are included.
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