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Packager Code
A one-digit number within the UCC's ID number for North American POS products sold after being weighed or measured. This one-digit number is used to identify the supplier of the processed item that is weighed or measured and then sold.
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Packaging Indicator
See Indicator.
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Packaging Type
See Extension digit.
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Paperback Book Cover 4 Title Number
A five-digit number incorporating the last five digits of the title portion of the ISBN, with zeros preceding any title number that has fewer than five digits. The Title Number is always preceded by the Price Point UCC-12 (U.P.C.) for mass market paperbac
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Payment slip
The end customer's notification of a demand for payment for a billable service (e.g., utility bill) comprising an amount payable and payment conditions.
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Physical Markup Language (PML)
The Physical Markup Language (PML) is a new standard of language for describing physical objects. When finalized, it will be based on the widely accepted eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Together with the EPC and ONS, PML completes teh fundamental compon

Picket Fence Orientation Bar Code Symbol
A bar code that runs parallel to a specific reference point (e.g., printed web direction, scanner beam).
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Addressable intersecting points within a grid where dots are placed by an imaging device.
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Point-of-Sale (POS)
Refers to the retail type checkout where bar code symbols are normally scanned.
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The production stage within the printing industry that prepares design requirements for the specified printing process.
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Price check-digit
A digit calculated from the price field of an Element String encoded using the EAN/UPC Symbology. Used to check that the data has been correctly composed.
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Price Look Up
A four- to five-digit numerical code typically used to identify produce, baked goods, and bulk foods within the four walls of a closed system. This code is hand-entered at the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. Code used instead of a UCC-12 (U.P.C.) ID Number

Price Point UCC-12 (U.P.C.)
A 12-digit number used on Cover 4 of mass market paperback books that includes the six-digit Company Number, a five-digit price point in dollars and cents (with no decimal point), and a Check digit. The five-digit Add-On Code (and bar code) for the title

Print Gain Gauge
A printed test pattern used to determine the print gain mean and the range of print gain (press variance) as it relates to bar widths. It may also be used throughout the print run to indicate whether the anticipated range of print gain is experienced.
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Print gain/loss
See bar gain/loss.
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Printability gauge
See Print Gain Gauge.
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Product/Packager Code
The equivalent of an Item Reference for a UCC-12 Identification Number with a UCC Prefix of "3."
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