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The Auto-ID Center has created software technology called Savant to manage and move information in a way that does not overloaded existing corporate and public networks. Savant uses a distributed architecture, meaning it runs on different computers distri

See Simple API XML.
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Scan Grade
The grade obtained as a result of one Scan Reflectance Profile.
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Scan Reflectance Profile (SRP)
The record of the reflectance values (0%-100%) measured along a single line across the entire width of the bar code symbol.
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An electronic device to read bar code symbols and convert them into electrical signals understandable by a computer device.
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See EAN/UCC-14

See Supply Chain Execution
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Segments consist of logically related data elements in a defined sequence. A data segment consists of a segment identifier, one or more data elements each preceded by an element separator, and ending with a segment terminator.
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Segment Directory (X12.22)
Provides the purposes and formats of the segments used in the construction of transaction sets. The directory lists each segment by name, purpose, identifier, the contained data elements in the specified order, and the requirement designator for each data
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Segment Identifier
A unique identifier for a segment composed of a combination of two or three uppercase letters and digits. The segment identifier occupies the first character positions of the segment. The segment identifier is not a data element. The segment identifier in
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Segment Terminator
A unique character appearing at the end of a segment to indicate the termination of the segment.
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Separator Character
Function 1 Character used to separate certain concatenated Element Strings, dependent on their positioning in the UCC/EAN-128 Bar Code Symbol.
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Serial Reference
The part of the data structure allocated by the user that, in conjunction with the Extension digit, establishes a unique SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) for a given EAN.UCC Company Prefix.
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Serial Shipping Container Code
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Service Reference
A number assigned by the service provider to identify the recipient of services in the context of a service relationship to create a Global Service Relation Number.
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See Standard Generalized Markup Language.
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Ship Notice Manifest (856)
An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction set that is used by the sender of the product to define the contents of a shipment and the associated relational bar codes. This transaction set is sent and received prior to receipt of product at the recei
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An identifiable collection of one or more goods items transported (or available to be transported) together from the original consignor to the ultimate consignee. Note that a shipment can be transported in different consignments.
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Shipment Identification Number (Bill of Lading)
A legal document generated by a consignor to consign a load to a carrier, or transfer responsibility to a carrier. Generally, a Shipment Identification Number includes such information as number of cartons, weight, and carrier. See also Bill of Lading.
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See consignor.
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Shipper Reference
A number assigned by a consignor to uniquely identify a logical grouping of physical units for the purpose of a transport shipment.
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Shipping container
See logistic unit.
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Shipping Container Code
See Logistic Unit Identifier.
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The visibility of the package contents or some other material through the spaces of a bar code. Show-through can seriously affect reflectance.
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SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
See Stock Keeping Unit.
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Small Shipping Package
A transport package as defined in Section 4.4.6 of ANSI/UCC6: Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes.
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Smart Scale
An electronic scale that weighs an item and then generates a bar code/price label using the weight to mark the retail product.
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See Simple Mail Transport Protocol.
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See Simple Object Access Protocol.
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The lighter element of a bar code, usually the background between printed bars.
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The undesirable presence of ink or dirt within a space of a bar code.
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Term used for the Serial Shipping Container Code. The unique identification of a logistic unit using an 18-digit data structure.
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SSCC Serial Number
See Serial Reference.

Standard Interchange Language (SIL)
A standard designed to exchange data between computers using different applications. SIL was designed to provide an efficient method for remotely manipulating a database without the need for multiple, proprietary interfaces. SIL is non-proprietary and uti
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Standard numbering structures
See data structure.
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Start Character
A special bar code character that tells the scanner to start reading a bar code symbol. The Start Character is typically found on the left side of a bar code symbol.
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Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
An individual color, flavor, size, or pack of a product that requires a separate ID number to distinguish it from other items (a measure of an item of merchandise for inventory management). In inventory control and identification systems, it represents th
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Stop Character
A special bar code character that tells the scanner to stop reading a bar code symbol. The Stop Character is typically found on the right side of the bar code symbol.
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The material on which a bar code symbol is printed.
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Summary Code
A three-digit number, ending in a single 0 (zero), assigned by the issuer of coupons (manufacturer) that links products in related Family Codes for the purpose of coupon validation. For instance, 810 is the Summary Code for Family Codes 811 through 819. A
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Super Summary Code
A three-digit number, ending in two zeroes, assigned by the issuer of coupons (manufacturer) that links products in related Family Codes and Summary Codes for the purpose of coupon validation. For instance, 800 is the Super Summary Code for Family Codes 8
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The party that produces, provides, or furnishes an item or service.
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Supply Chain Management
The delivery of customer and economic value through integrated management of the flow of physical goods and associated information, from raw materials sourcing to delivery of finished products to consumers.
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The combination of symbol characters and features required by a particular symbology, including Quiet Zone, Start and Stop Characters, data characters, and other auxiliary patterns, which together form a complete scannable entity; an instance of a symbolo
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Symbol character
A group of bars and spaces in a symbol that is decoded as a single unit. It may represent an individual digit, letter, punctuation mark, control indicator, or multiple data characters.
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Symbol Check Character
A symbol character or set of bar/space patterns included within a UCC/EAN-128 or RSS Symbol, the value of which is used by the bar code reader for the purpose of performing a mathematical check to ensure the accuracy of the scanned data. It is not shown i
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Symbol Contrast
An ISO 15416 parameter that measures the difference between the largest and smallest reflectance values in a Scan Reflectance Profile (SRP).
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Symbol Control Character
See symbology element.
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Symbol orientation
The alignment of a bar code symbol to a specific reference point (e.g., scanner beam, printed web direction).
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Symbol placement
The physical area within a design reserved for a bar code, which usually includes the orientation (rotation) of the symbol relative to other design elements.
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A defined method of representing numeric or alphabetic characters in a bar code; a type of bar code.
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Symbology element
A character or characters in a bar code symbol used to define the integrity and processing of the symbol itself (e.g., start and stop patterns). These elements are symbology overhead and are not part of the data conveyed by the bar code symbol.
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Symbology Identifier
A sequence of characters transmitted with the decoded data that identifies the data carrier from which the data has been decoded.
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