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Validation of data
Verification of scanned data to determine whether it meets the application rules for system logic and consistency and/or a particular user's requirements.

Value Code
A two-digit number in a table maintained by the Uniform Code Council, Inc.® (UCC®) and the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) that defines the dollar and cent redemption value, quantity purchase requirements, or free merchandise associated with a coup

Value-Added Network (VAN)
A third party Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service provider that provides a communication link between companies to enable electronic exchange of business data/documents.
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Variable Length Publisher Identifier
A two- to seven-digit number assigned by the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) agency to publishers. Large publishers are assigned shorter numbers to allow for more title identifiers, while smaller publishers are assigned longer numbers to allow f

Variable Length Title Identifier
A one- to six-digit number assigned by the publisher to specific book titles. Larger publishers will have longer numbers to allow for more titles, while smaller publishers will have shorter numbers to allow for fewer titles.

Variable Measure Trade Item
An item always produced in the same pre-defined version (e.g., type, design, packaging) that may be sold at any point in the supply chain, which either may vary in weight/size by its nature or which may be traded without a pre-defined weight/size/length.
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Any individual, firm, or corporation from whom purchases are made.
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Vendor Pack
Package of two or more retail selling units that have been predefined by the retailer and the vendor. Retailers often order merchandise by pack instead of by selling unit.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
A business process wherein the supplier of a product manages the inventory of that product in a distributor's warehouse and replenishes the inventory based on consumption.
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A device that tests the accuracy of a bar code to determine if the bar code meets specifications.

The undesirable absence of ink within a bar code symbol.

Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) Association
A not-for-profit member organization with a mission to take a global leadership role in the ongoing improvement of the flow of product and informatino about the product throughout the entire supply chain in the retail industry. The UCC is the secretariat
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Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards EDI
The industry conventions and guidelines for the Electronic Data Interchange, issue dby the UCC and based on the ANSI ASC X12 standard, for the general merchandise/retail industry.