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In today's competitive marketplace, it is survival of the fittest. Brands have more than ever to live up to, including responsibility to the end user and ever increasing customer expectations.

If you are a manufacturer in the grocery sector, how do you ensure that your products have accurate images and data that consumers are demanding, such as certifications, and nutritional and allergen information?

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, how can you support patient safety by ensuring clinicians have accurate product images and data when dispensing drugs to a patient?

GS1 Canada's ECCnet Item Certification is the answer.

GS1 Canada helps Canadian businesses succeed with tools and services that support brand integrity, enable patient safety and build consumer trust.

Why subscribe to ECCnet Item Certification?

  • Enhance consumer and patient safety.
  • Meet consumer demands for more product transparency.
  • Streamline internal business processes.
  • Build trust in your brand.
  • Contribute to supply chain data integrity.
  • Meet trading partner requirements with one standardized process.

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ECCnet Registry Item Certification -

In 2012, at the request of its Grocery Sector Board, GS1 Canada launched ECCnet Item Certification - Nutrition as a solution to the complex issues of data integrity in nutritional labeling. These issues included increasing consumer demand for access to brand-validated product data. To support healthy food choices and transparency, consumers want allergen and ingredient information. They want information they can trust, validated by the manufacturer; crowd sourced data can contain faulty and inaccurate information.

Since its widespread adoption by grocery manufacturers, distributors and retailers, ECCnet Item Certification has been highly sought-after by other sectors needing a similar solution.

ECCnet Registry Item Certification -

In June 2015, GS1 Canada launched ECCnet Item Certification - Pharmaceutical to address risks related to drug identification in patient care settings. ECCnet Item Certification - Pharmaceutical enables the electronic exchange of brand-authorized images and associated data between brand owners/manufacturers and data recipients, such as community pharmacies, hospitals and associations.

Major Canadian retail pharmacy chains and associations, including the Canadian Pharmacist Association, support this tool, and vendors who are also using it to work with them.