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Cara requires your participation in the ECCnet registry 

April 13, 2005 - As communicated, Cara Operations Limited has incorporated product listing through ECCnet Canada’s National Product Registry as part of their standard terms and conditions of trade.

As a valued Cara vendor, you must ensure that your core data as well as your marketing and nutritional information are loaded into the ECCnet registry. ECCnet implementation can be completed in the following seven steps: 

Step 1 Register all company GTIN prefixes with ECCC
Step 2 Register a staff executive as an ECCnet Catalogue Captain
Step 3 Choose the data loading option best suited for your company
Step 4 Complete the ECCnet technical education for the data loading option chosen
Step 5 Gather and prepare data for loading (Field definitions are available at
Step 6 Request Certification
Step 7 Publish the data to your customers

You are required to have all your product information loaded into the ECCnet registry by May 31, 2005. If your data is incomplete, a cost recovery fee may be imposed by Cara Operations Limited.

ECCC is committed to helping you ensure that you have complete and accurate data in the ECCnet registry. Should you have any questions or require assistance with your ECCnet registry implementation, visit ECCC at or contact ECCC Member Services at 1.800.567.7084 ext. 3 or by email at