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Basic Membership

Bar code your products with up to 10 unique, industry-approved 12-digit numbers when you become an Basic Member of GS1 Canada for only $150.

How you benefit

  • Reduce costs:
    Minimize out-of-stocks to your retailer.
  • Gain access to retailers:
    Grow your business with industry-recognized bar codes.
  • Save time:
    increase speed to market.
  • Compete effectively:
    Stay up-to-date through supply chain education and industry updates.
  • Meet customer requirements:
    Major retailers require unique bar code numbers and valid GS1 Canada Membership Licence Certificates.                  

Contact GS1 Canada for more information at 1.800.567.7084


Download the Basic Membership Overview

Major Canadian retailers like Loblaw Companies Limited, Sobeys Inc., Metro Inc. and Shoppers Drug Mart rely on GS1 bar code numbers to ensure your bar code scans the first time, every time at point-of-sale.

Who’s eligible?
Canadian companies with total annual gross sales revenue in Canadian dollars of less than $500,000 that do not hold any other type of GS1 Canada membership.

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