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Data Integrity

Data integrity helps business. It is the assurance of the quality, completeness and trustworthiness of information. It is the foundation of successful data synchronization between trading partners. It enables organizations to share comprehensive product information that is accurate and up-to-date.

Data integrity ensures supply chain reliability. Data integrity provides value.

Global GS1 supply chain standards enable data integrity.

By making data integrity possible, Global GS1 standards improve business processes and help organizations:

Increase cost savings
Data integrity supports cost control. GS1 Canada provides organizations with the metrics and tools to measure and track product data quality. The results can be used to quantify the costs of inaccurate and incomplete data and the direct financial benefit achievable from improvements in data quality. With the right information, organizations can make effective decisions that affect the bottom line.

GS1 Canada Foodservice Audits

GS1 Canada Grocery Audits

"We all know the costs of inaccurate data. The single biggest benefit of ECCnet Registry is the fact that the data is perpetually cleansed. The grocery industry in Canada insisted on the development of a process between the trading partners that would ensure that ECCnet had integrity. Collaboration among trading partners is the key to the success of ECCnet; retailer adoption is significant, the savings are realized every day."
John T. Scott, President & Former President & CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

Reduce risks
There are many risks associated with running a business. These risks may be reputational, legal, regulatory, operational, or threats posed by competitors. Data integrity mitigates risks by helping organizations maintain strong reputations by ensuring their products comply with legal and regulatory frameworks. Accurate data also enables a state of readiness to help organizations confront the unknown.

Augment efficiencies
A supply chain is a complex system of interdependent parts. People, organizations and technology all come together to move a product or service from the manufacturer or supplier to an end user. At the heart of this system is information that must be correctly communicated between all parties to ensure the system's viability. Data integrity saves time and resources by ensuring that accurate information can be communicated from the manufacturer or supplier all the way through to the end user the first time and every time.

100% Data Accuracy

GS1 Canada collaborates with industry and key association partners to support industry's commitment to 100% data accuracy in ECCnet Registry.

To achieve industry's goal, retailers and vendors participate in data integrity audits to benchmark current data integrity levels and identify how trading partners can increase the accuracy of the product data they share. Audits are undertaken to:

  • Gain insight into the reasons behind data discrepancies.
  • Establish a benchmark to measure progress.
  • Provide industry with a roadmap to achieve their data integrity goals.

Data integrity is an integral component of all of GS1 Canada's products and service. GS1 Canada continuously tests and perpetually validates the product data shared by trading partners in ECCnet Registry. Supporting Canadian industry's goal to achieve 100% data accuracy in the supply chain is the primary focus for GS1 Canada.