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To continually enhance the supply chain efficiency and productivity of Canadian organizations of all sizes, GS1 Canada established the GS1 Knowledge Centre, a source of complimentary supply chain and business education.The GS1 Knowledge Centre provides the practical information you need to compete effectively and adapt to complex, constantly changing market demands. Courses include customized modules for small businesses and healthcare organizations.

Learn how to improve your organizational performance by using global standards for bar codes, Electronic Product Code™/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID) and track and trace technology, and receive expert advice on recruiting, motivating and retaining high-performing employees.

Each course offered by the GS1 Knowledge Centre is available as both an online module and a classroom workshop. For workshop inquiries, please email, supplying your name and the name of the course(s) that interest you.

Business Processes

Title Online
Introduction: Journey to Supply Chain Excellence Online
Standards: Adopting the GS1 Global Language of Supply Chain Online
Processes: Linking Information Flow and Work Flow Online
Integration: Building Capability Together Onlne
Case Date Coding Online

Introduction to GS1 DataBar™


Traceability - EPC/RFID

Title Online
Understanding the Fundamentals of EPC/RFID Online
Evolution from the Bar Code to the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Online
The Business Case for EPC/RFID Technology Online 
Technology: Choosing the Right Tools for Trade Online
Commercialization: Application Groupings and Use Cases Online
Tracking and Tracing in the Supply Chain - Market Trends Online

Traceability - Produce 

Title Online
The GS1 System Online
Produce Identification Using GS1 Standards Online
Principles of Traceability Online
Produce Traceability Initiative Onlne
Introduction to Traceability in the Produce Industry Online


Title Online
Introduction: GS1 Standards (GTIN & GLN) Online
Integrating Global Standards in Healthcare  Online
Electronic Product Code™/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID) in Healthcare Online
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the Canadian Healthcare System Online

Human Resources Courses

Title Online
Organization: Managing People, Skills and Change Online
Small and Medium sized Enterprise Human Resources Online