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Industry Endorsements
Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Project

Leading healthcare organizations across Canada support the Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Project.        

“As every health authority in British Columbia transitions to a single consolidated supply chain, global standards will enable consistent and effective communication of healthcare product information and data between the province’s facilities and their trading partners. This will significantly impact the efficiency of our business processes, enabling time and cost savings through consistent and accurate information.”

British Columbia (David Loukras, Provincial Director, Performance, Integration & Transformation, BC Health Authority Shared Services)

"Winnipeg is fully committed to the advancement of global supply chain standards across Winnipeg's healthcare facilities. Global standards support the province's fiscal responsibilities, facilitating a sustainable healthcare system that provides the highest quality of care."

Manitoba (Peggy Maitland, Director, Regional Supply Chain, WRHA Logistics Services)

"We currently run into challenges when nurses call a product one thing and suppliers call it something different. Global standards will provide much-needed consistency to product descriptions and data, facilitating patient safety, ordering and inventory processes in our hospitals."

Ontario (Joan McLaughlin, Chief Supply Chain Officer & Director Support Services, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto)

Video endorsement from Susan Smith, General Manager, Mohawk Supply Chain Services (MSCS) and member of the GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Board Executive Committee.

“As Nova Scotia moves forward with the implementation of a province-wide ERP system, the movement toward advanced supply chain standards is crucial in order to achieve future benefits”

Nova Scotia (Marty Townsend, Director, Materials Management, Capital District Health Authority

“Eastern Health looks forward to achieving maximum benefits from the expanded use of electronic commerce, contributing to lower costs and more effective relationships with our trading and healthcare partners.”

Newfoundland (Ron Johnson, Regional Director, Materials & Biomedical Equipment Support, Eastern Health)

"The move to global standards will create enhancements to administrative processes such as billing and procurement, saving our healthcare system valuable hours and dollars.”

Alberta (Jitendra Prasad, Senior Vice President, Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management, Alberta Health Services)