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Integrating ECCnet Registry

In 2002, GS1 Canada was approached by Canadian industry to develop a national product registry to automate the product listing process and to drive product data errors out of the supply chain.

ECCnet Registry is a single point of access between trading partners, enabling vendors to load and maintain accurate product information in one central registry, and allowing pharmacy retail trading partners a central access point to up-to-date product information.

Through ECCnet Registry, the Canadian pharmacy supply chain is able to eliminate manual product data listing processes from their daily activities, realizing a decrease in data errors by limiting human intervention. Associated administrative costs and time spent resolving errors that affect revenues have been minimized. More than that, centralizing critical product data enhances patient safety through its capability to track and trace products.

Organizations across Canada’s pharmacy supply chain have demonstrated their commitment to ECCnet Registry with a growing number of manufacturers, retailers, distributors and pharmaceutical stakeholders in Canada undertaking implementation – making ECCnet Registry and other GS1 Canada services part of their standard terms and conditions of trade.

As a manufacturer, ECCnet Registry will enable your organization to benefit from:

  • Less manual listing processes to reduce product data errors;
  • Centralized product data for access by all your trading partners;
  • Enhanced patient safety through improved data accuracy in the pharmacy supply chain;
  • Reduced costs associated with:
    • manual processing;
    • mailing and printing; and
    • inventory management.

GS1 Canada is a member of GS1, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. As a neutral, not-for-profit orga­nization, GS1 Canada enables its more than 10,000 members – organizations of all sizes from over 20 sectors across Canada – to enhance their efficiency and cost effectiveness by adopting electronic supply chain best practices.

To learn more about GS1 Canada and how to engage with ECCnet Registry, visit or call 1.800.567.7084 ext. 3 for more information.

What Leading Organizations in the Pharmacy Sector have to say about ECCnet Registry

Katz Group

As of January 2010, Katz has made a commitment for full implementation of the ECCnet Registry and have made this tool a part of our standard terms and conditions of trade. We therefore fully support engagement with ECCnet Registry to make this an industry-agreed standard and Canadian retailers’ source of truth.“ – James S. Beaumariage, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Services.


“At Kohl & Frisch, because of the business benefits of ECCnet Registry, we have scheduled integration for 2010. We look forward to improved data integrity in our system and a reduction in the amount of manual data validations that we undertake.“ – Scott Gillis, Vice President, Purchasing & Manufacturer Relations.


“Through our integration with ECCnet Registry via Item Centre, McKesson [Canada] receives a direct feed of ECCnet Registry product data to our own backend system. This direct line of contact with ECCnet Registry ensures accurate, up-to-date product data drives McKesson’s internal business applications.“ – George Craigie, Director, Inventory & Supply Management.

Shoppers Drug Mart

“Our front shop supply chain operations have benefited enormously from ECCnet Registry, acting as our a central source of product data. Now, the pharmacy side of our business is looking to this tool to enhance the accuracy of our pharmaceutial product data. ECCnet Registry will enable all of our retail operations’ efficencies to benefit and enhance all our e-commerce processes – from order to cash.“ – Jeff Leger, Vice President, Pharmacy Procurement.


“Having product information fed from manufacturers in a standardized format ensures the flow of accurate and complete information in our systems. Sobeys Pharmacy Group fully supports the industry-wide adoption of ECCnet Registry for pharmaceutical products.“ – Lisa Richardson, Senior Director, Pharmacy Procurement.