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Canadian Healthcare Product Registry to Help
Patient Safety, Reduce Health System Costs

Studies show accurate product data a key factor in patient safety

Toronto, ON, May 2, 2011 - Senior representatives of the Canadian healthcare sector have finalized plans for the launch of the most comprehensive registry of healthcare product data of its kind in Canada. Managed by global supply chain standards body GS1 Canada, the Canadian Healthcare Product Registry (CHPR) will launch this Fall. Based on global GS1 standards, and built according to GS1 Canada’s proven model for driving data accuracy, the CHPR will improve patient safety and save money across the Canadian healthcare system.

“Currently, many healthcare institutions and their suppliers use internally-developed codes to identify products such as latex gloves and surgical instruments in their systems. This data is then used in purchasing, shipping, receiving, storing and bedside use of healthcare products,” noted David Loukras, Provincial Director, Performance, Integration & Transformation, Health Shared Services BC.  “This process is repeated by hundreds of suppliers and hospitals across Canada.  This fragmented approach increases the potential for error – and therefore inefficiencies and patient risk – into the healthcare system.”

According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), data integrity is a key factor in driving patient safety. That’s why leading healthcare representatives have come together through the GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Sector Board to collaborate on the development of a single national registry for healthcare product data.  Data in the registry will range from medical/surgical data to categories already available through GS1 Canada, such as grocery, pharmacy and foodservice data.   After two years of collaboration, the Board has confirmed that the CHPR will launch in Fall 2011.

This central registry will respond to a key pain point within the healthcare system, as identified by Board members: inaccurate product data. According to the findings of a survey of healthcare providers recently conducted by third party healthcare consulting firm Coremotive:

  • 100% of respondents resolve inaccurate product data problems through manual intervention, which requires significant time and resources
  • 100% of respondents identified that invoice matching is severely affected by inaccurate product information, resulting in delayed payment to vendors
  • The majority of respondents identified that inaccurate product information is a barrier to the introduction of information technology and automation, and the largest barrier to effective analysis of where spending efficiencies can be found.

By centralizing and standardizing critical medical/surgical, pharmacy and food product data shared between organizations in the healthcare sector, the CHPR is set to dramatically improve the accuracy and clarity of data used by the healthcare sector for operational and patient care purposes such as:

  • product sourcing
  • order and inventory management
  • traceability and recall
  • menu planning
  • medication administration and other bedside care functions
  • spend analytics

"This is going to improve patient safety as well as achieve cost savings across the country. With adoption of global standards to identify products, and use of the CHPR, everyone in the Canadian healthcare sector is going to be speaking the same language when sharing product data for everyday operations from product sourcing to patient care," noted Art Smith, President and CEO, GS1 Canada. "We are pleased to be working with healthcare suppliers and providers to advance their commitment to outstanding patient care, while ensuring a safe, sustainable and cost-effective Canadian healthcare system."

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