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GS1 Canada Presentation at HSCN Conference Reinforces Value of Single Source for Accurate Healthcare Product Information

Toronto, ON, May 10, 2011 - The Canadian healthcare community needs a single source for sharing accurate, standardized product information between suppliers and providers.  This need was confirmed yesterday at the 4th Annual HSCN National Healthcare Supply Chain Conference during a presentation by GS1 Canada Vice President of Healthcare Paul Faguy about the Canadian Healthcare Product Registry (CHPR).

Faguy noted, "Feedback from conference participants has been consistent with what we have been hearing from healthcare providers throughout the development of the CHPR: the Canadian healthcare community has a pain point when it comes to access to accurate, standardized product data, and they want to work collectively as a community to change this situation. The CHPR addresses this challenge.”

Senior healthcare supply chain officials attended Faguy's presentation, which provided details on how organizations can get access to the CHPR, as well as timelines for the roll-out of the newest category of product data that will be available through the registry – medical-surgical. This data will complement categories already available today through GS1 Canada, including 450,000 grocery, pharmaceutical and foodservice Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).

The CHPR will be the single point of access between Canadian healthcare trading partners for exchanging vital product data used in every-day operations. Developed in collaboration with industry, based on global GS1 standards, and built according to GS1 Canada’s proven model for driving data accuracy in data synchronization activities, the CHPR will improve patient safety and drive cost savings across the Canadian healthcare system.

Healthcare organizations will have multiple options for publishing to and accessing the data contained in the CHPR. This includes the capacity for organizations using a third party Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool to load their product data through the GDSN to the CHPR.

GS1 Canada will continue to work with the healthcare community and their solution providers leading up to and following the official launch of the CHPR to ensure implementation of GS1 standards in an efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately enhancing the safety and sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system.

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