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GS1 Canada Product Recall reaches retailers at STORE 2012

Hundreds of retail executives, management teams, suppliers, vendors and solution providers recently attended STORE 2012 – Canada’s Retail Conference. Sponsored by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), STORE 2012 provided attendees with opportunities to learn and demonstrate how their services can create efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Representatives from GS1 Canada were on hand to present delegates with information about GS1 Canada Product Recall for General Merchandise. GS1 Canada Product Recall is an industry-driven online communication tool using standards and the GS1 Identification Keys, allowing manufacturers to share real-time product notifications with their retail trading partners in a secure and direct manner. Product Recall enables the removal of potentially harmful products from the supply chain before they reach the consumer.

Information was also provided for GS1 Canada Product Recall’s new Incident Reporting feature, which is in compliance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. This Incident Reporting feature allows you to send, receive, and manage all product recall incident reports with your trading partners and Health Canada, from a single location within GS1 Canada Product Recall.

Product safety incidents can be dangerous, time-consuming and expensive processes for both companies and consumers. GS1 Canada Product Recall mitigates this risk by providing a fast, secure and accurate mechanism to ensure vendors, suppliers and retailers can quickly, safely and correctly issue a recall or withdrawal notice.

Global Product Recall Standard

A number of companies attending STORE 2012 expressed interest in GS1 Canada Product Recall. Tim White, Director, Product Development, GS1 Canada, explained to conference participants how the Product Recall program, launched in 2009, incorporated the recently-ratified Global Product Recall Standard. This new global standard serves as a straightforward blueprint to enable all supply chain stakeholders–in Canada and around the world–to implement more effective product recall processes. The standard defines, standardizes and harmonizes the attributes to be captured and shared among trading partners and regulators during a product recall process.

“The Global Product Recall Standard is the most valuable and far-reaching standard to support effective product recalls,” said White. “With its national and global reach, the Product Recall standard complements the existing Traceability Standard that helps companies meet regulatory requirements.”

Many conference participants expressed that GS1 Canada Product Recall would enable them to better collaborate to execute efficient recalls, and allow them to

  • Receive all recall notifications in a centralized, standardized format
  • Receive up-to-date notifications and updates down to the store level
  • Satisfy all government reporting requirements
  • Communicate and collaborate directly with trading partner recall personnel

These Product Recall features open the door to increased efficiencies, improved enhanced security and improved information exchange. STORE Participants specifically noted the ease of use provided by the service’s web-based interface. The easy exchange of product recall information through the click of a button was also noted as a significant benefit. STORE 2012 delegates were informed about how, ultimately, GS1 Canada Product Recall enables cost savings and an improved customer experience.

In addition to supporting industry, GS1 Canada is proud to support promising students looking to advance in the retail sector. Alan Grant, Senior Director, Product Safety, GS1 Canada, attended the STORE Scholarship Program breakfast. He presented a scholarship from GS1 Canada to Brady Demyon who is attending the University of Calgary while pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce.

Access GS1 Canada Product Recall.