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Global Standards Development

GS1 Canada participates in developing global standards for supply chain innovations, best practices, trends forecasting, and research and development with GCI, and GS1 member organizations around the world, our partners in creating global supply chain efficiency.

On behalf of Canadian industry, GS1 Canada works closely with industry associations and represents all points along the supply chain. As a not-for-profit organization, GS1 Canada is supported by the fees paid by our members, from users of our solutions, and by grants and loans from the Government of Canada.

GS1 Canada is Canada’s voice among global e-commerce standards-setting bodies. We ensure that Canadian businesses of all sizes and in virtually all sectors can enjoy supply-chain efficiency gains and improved global competitiveness. GS1 Canada works with these other standards-setting leaders to bring Canada to the forefront of collaborative commerce.

Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12) : Accredited by the American National Standards Institute, ASC X12 develops standards for the exchange e-commerce with the X12 Interchange Format Data Interchange (EDI) and XML that interact with other e-commerce technologies. GS1 Canada is a member of the ASC X12 and serves as vice-chair of the supply chain committee, facilitating changes in EDI standards in Canada and the United States.

Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) : DISA develops inter-industry standards for exchanging information in e-commerce, provides the secretariat for X12, helps North American standards for EDI and XML development, and provides technical and administrative support for organizations of development of electronic commerce, XML standards and specifications. GS1 Canada is a member of DISA and is the liaison representative of Canada and the United States with respect to GSMP XRG X12, representing EDI North American standards.

Global Standards Management Process (GSMP): GSMP is the “engine” that powers the EAN.UCC System. It is a customer-driven process that enables customer involvement in the management of the EAN.UCC System, in which any company can submit a request to improve their supply chain efficiency. GS1 Canada facilitates and represents Canadian submissions to GSMP.