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Bar Code Scan Verification

GS1 Canada's ECCnet Image & Validation (I&V) Services includes a Bar Code Scan Verification service, which improves retailer productivity and distributor tracking and tracing by ensuring that your products’ bar codes scan the first time, every time. We test whether your product bar codes comply with global standards and check your bar code symbols on a variety of point-of-scale scanners to ensure that each one passes the “real-world” test.

(ECCnet I&V) is a certified third party bar code verifier that complies with the Procedural Guidelines for Certification Services. 

Symbologies Tested

  • UPC
  • ITF (interleave 2 of 5) 
  • GTIN-12 (UPC-A or 12 digits)
  • GTIN-8 (UPC-E or zero suppressed, 8 digits and EAN 8)
  • GTIN-13 (13 digits)
  • GTIN-128 (printing quality analysis but no certificate issued for this symbol)

Visual Verification
The first analysis involves visual identification of the bar code symbology. We then verify that the bar code is placed in the proper location on the package, and that the magnification factor, truncation and quiet zones all comply with ISO/ANSI grade guidelines.

Next, we confirm that the human readable portion of the bar code matches the code read by the scanner. We also compare the Company Prefix Licence on the bar code with those in GS1 Canada’s database to ensure accuracy and verify authenticity.

Bar Code Analysis
With a bar code print quality analyzer, we test the Scan Reflectance Profile (SRP) grading method recommended by the ANSI Barcode Print Quality Guidelines. The SRP’s six test parameters include:

  • Edge contrast
  • Symbol contrast
  • Reflectance
  • Modulation
  • Decodability
  • Defects





Certificate of Conformity
Once the information has been collected, the certificate is created. The bar code will receive a grade based on the SRP parameters testing results. The grades are:

  • A or 3.5 to 4.0
  • B or 2.5 to 3.4
  • C or 1.5 to 2.4
  • D or 0.5 to 1.4
  • F or less then 0.5

If a code fails, a last analysis is performed consisting in troubleshooting the issue. A comment will be added to the certificate providing some direction and suggestions to help the client correcting the situation.

Benefits of our services
Simplicity due to our one-stop-shop concept for product images for your planogramming, marketing and Foodservice requirements; and minimal fees due to our cost-recovery model and savings for service bundles.

How to take advantage of this service
Submit an up-to-date sample of each of your products to GS1 Canada’s (I&V) studios in Montreal. Always include a Product Submission Form in your shipment for services identification.

For more information, contact GS1 Canada at 1.800.567.7084 ext. 38 or