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ECCnet Registry, Canada's national product registry

ECCnet Registry

GS1 Canada's ECCnet Registry is Canada's national product registry. This product information catalogue service, which operates outside of the GDSN network, is the most comprehensive registry of continually validated product data of its kind in Canada. ECCnet is a single point of access between trading partners for electronically sharing accurate product data based on global standards. By automating the new product listing and product change processes, ECCnet Registry reduces human error, improves product visibility in the supply chain, and speeds access to critical product information between trading partners. Benefits include:

  • Efficient product listing: Eliminate cumbersome manual listing processes. Reduce the opportunity for human error. Free up your account managers' time so they can focus their efforts on driving sales instead of managing and resolving data discrepancies.
  • One-to-many product data sharing: Reach all of your trading partners through a one-time loading of your product data, thereby improving speed to market.
  • Build brand trust: Uniquely identify your products. Use of the GS1 System of standards protects your brand, meets trading partner requirements and gets products on the shelf faster.
  • Data validation and certification: Ensure your product information is always accurate and up-to-date, reducing errors at point of sale.

ECCnet Value-Added Services

ECCnet Value-Added Services drive data integrity in the Canadian supply chain. These services, which operate outside of the GDSN network, have been designed in collaboration with suppliers and data recipients to support a broad range of industry-sponsored business process improvement initiatives.
These services include:

  • ECCnet Data Management Tools: data loading and retrieval tools unique to GS1 Canada that simplify the data management and exchange processes between trading partners.
  • ECCnet Data Integrity Services: product information validation tools and processes that support industry emphasis on and commitment to data integrity in the Canadian supply chain.
  • ECCnet Item Certification: an online, centralized industry solution for sharing brand-validated, perpetually-cleansed, item level nutrition information and images with trading partners.
  • ECCnet Sustainability Services: tools and processes that enable the identification, capture and standardization of product packaging data in alignment with trading partner reporting requirements.
  • GS1 Canada Images: a central source for standards-based product images and dimensional data used for planograming, marketing and other business processes.
  • ECCnet Locations: a central, online, searchable database of accurate party and location information – including Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and GLN-related details (e.g. street address, city/town, province, postal code, etc.) – for Ship To and Bill To locations to support trading partner transactions.
  • GS1 Canada Product Recall: an online communication tool that enables the sharing of real-time, standards-based product recall and withdrawal notifications between trading partners, helping to ensure the removal of potentially harmful products from store shelves quickly and thoroughly.

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ECCnet ProSYNC® - data loading options

ECCnet ProSYNC® loading options are unique to GS1 Canada and assist vendors with loading product data into ECCnet Registry and other related applications. ECCnet ProSYNC® data loading options eliminate the need for GS1 Canada subscribers to invest in costly and complex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technologies.

Item Centre – for data recipients

Through the success of ECCnet Registry, GS1 Canada identified an opportunity to further enhance its services, and developed Item Centre, a community-based, industry web portal hosted by GS1 Canada. Enabling vendor and retailer collaboration, Item Centre allows users to list all of their product data (community, private and proprietary) and process it in a single, workflow-based solution – removing all paper from the listing process.

Through Item Centre, trading partners realize immediate, measurable benefits to the new item listing process. Providing a single source of truth for product listing information, Item Centre ensures that all trading partners share correct, complete product information electronically, enhancing supply chain efficiency and product safety.