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Marketing Images Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECCnet I&V?
GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Image & Validation (ECCnet I&V) services have become a leader in imaging services whose outstanding work has attracted both domestic companies and international praise for effective supply chain management solutions. To date, more than 20 Canadian retailers and 1,200 Canadian manufacturers have collaboratively participated in ECCnet I&V.

ECCnet I&V stores and manages up-to-date product images and dimensional data, making Canadian companies’ planogramming and marketing business processes more streamlined and cost-effective

ECCnet I&V’s full-service product image solutions add value to GS1 Canada members, and its one-to-many distribution model provides users with an efficient manner of reaching your numerous trading partners.


What is the Marketing Images service?
GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Image & Validation (ECCnet I&V) Marketing Images service offers high-resolution, printer-ready marketing images for print and online promotional materials.


Who should use the Marketing Images service?
Retailers and vendors’ marketing and advertising departments will benefit most from using the Marketing Images service to promote their products in print and online promotional materials.

Any vendor that has already submitted products to ECCnet I&V for the Planogram Images service will benefit from the bundle pricing and one-stop-shop advantage.


How will Marketing Images help my company?
The Marketing Images service provides a cost-effective solution that addresses industry’s demand for an efficient single source of standardized product images.

These images are appropriate for print and online promotional materials, such as flyers, free-standing inserts, websites, signage and collateral materials and other promotional requirements.

Having a single source of marketing images streamlines your product promotions process.


Who can use the web-based solution?
To use the web-based solution, you must be a GS1 Canada member in good standing and an ECCnet I&V Marketing Images users.


What is the web-based solution? What does it do?
In August 2007, GS1 Canada further enhanced the Marketing Images service by adding a new, hassle-free, state-of-the-art web-based solution that allows participating retailers and vendors to view, select and download their product images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How will the web-based solution help my company?
The user-friendly web-based solution will help retailers and manufacturers save time and effort in their promotional initiatives by providing secure, real-time access to Marketing Images.

The web-based solution will further enhance Canadian companies’ ability to maximize data accuracy, reduce costs and promote their products effectively by gaining 24/7 access to their product images and data.


What are the benefits of the Marketing Images service?
Supply chain efficiency

  • The new web-based solution provides 24/7 access to your product images
  • Improve synchronization between flyer drop date and instore avavailability 
  • One-stop-shop for all imaging services, including planogramming and Foodservice requirements

Cost savings

  • Low supply chain costs due to our one-to-many distribution process
  • Minimal fees due to our cost-recovery model and savings for service bundles

High-quality standards-based offerings

  • Maximum of 3 views captured per marketable face (center/left/ right view) to accomadate all retailer requests
  • Complies with global standards – the GS1 Product Image Specification – to maximize the effectiveness of your product images and facilitate business collaboration.
  • The new file naming convention for Marketing Images also complies with the GS1 Product Image Specification.  This helps to standardize file searches and making them more user friendly for all trading partners


  • ECCnet I&V offers an evaluation of vendor-submitted images to certify their compliance with industry standards, allowing you to take advantage of existing product images.
  • The Marketing Images service captures multiple views of each product to address diverse business requirements
  • The three-dimensional, standardized Marketing Images are available in different formats, ensuring compatibility with your printers’ business requirements.


What is the price of the Marketing Images service?
More information about GS1 Canada Images services’ pricing can be found here.